Pastor Amit Malik of New Creation Task for India hosted and trained with The Elijah Challenge in Delhi in November 2015. Amit reported on the following March 2016 event he conducted in Attari Border outside the city of Amritsar, Punjab 15 minutes from the Pakistani border:

“Approximately four hundred people came, and about two hundred and fifty of them gave their lives to Jesus…many miraculous healings took place.”

“Many heard the gospel of Christ and received miraculous healings to confirm the gospel.”

“A woman named Prabhjot lady is testifying that she was healed from back pain of 10 years.”

“Ten-year-old Ritu (above) was not able to speak. When we rebuked the dumb spirit, she started speaking and said, ‘thank you, Jesus.’ “




“This Sikh gentleman testified that he had been suffering from pain in his heart which had been spreading to his arm. Our trained leaders spoke and ministered healing to him in the name of Jesus Christ, and he was healed. He felt no more pain. His name is Jeet.”


“Manoj Kumar was suffering from pain in his legs, and was not able to walk properly or even stand.  He was healed from the pain in both legs, and started to walk in Jesus’ name.”


Feeding the people afterwards




Reports from Pastor Amit Malik of New Creation Task for India