After attending the online Webinar training last Thursday, I asked God for some divine appointments this week. Here’s what happened Tuesday evening….

I took a job where I can help people with in home education. This is so I can be effective as a teacher and so that I can minister to people in their homes. After I finished a meeting Tuesday in one home, I noticed the neighbour’s house. I looked up and could see the head of a man so I said “Hi.” He asked me to come upstairs, so I did.

When I could see him fully, I noticed that he was saturated in sweat. I asked whether he’d been to the gym but he didn’t look like he exercised. He said no. The sweat was his body reacting to him trying to give up alcohol. He admitted that he was an alcoholic and that he wanted to get sober. He had his last drink 24 hours ago. I asked him, “did he believe in God?” He said he believed in a higher power. I said “Good. THE highest power has a name. It is Jesus Christ. He alone is the one true God. Only He can heal save and deliver and apart from him there is no God.”

Demons of addiction, depression, suicide, nicotine and alcohol were commanded to leave him in Jesus’ name

I said to him that Jesus wants to prove to him that He is who he says He is by allowing me to pray over him. He agreed. The Holy Spirit took over and hit this gentleman big time. Demons of addiction, depression, suicide, nicotine and alcohol were commanded to leave him in Jesus’ name.

He had a noticeable change of countenance, and began to smile.

He then confessed that he had previously tried to commit suicide by OD and hanging. He also showed me where he had injuries from a motorbike accident to his leg so we prayed over that as well. He told me that when he had his motorbike accident, two elderly Christians found him on the road and that when they stopped, the next car contained two nurses. The car after that had a massive spot light in it which allowed the nurses to effectively administer first aid before the ambulance arrived.

I told him that was Jesus looking after him. I told him to accept Christ into his heart so that he can have complete ongoing victory in his life. I said that Jesus is Lord over all things, including demons and addictions. He said he would because he wants a new start. I then told him that Jesus wants him to be sober and full of the Holy Spirit so that he can minister to others. He said he would. I then directed him to a local church in that town. I prayed for peace, courage, health and rest for him then left. His name is Alan and he lives in Maryborough, which is in regional Queensland Australia.

What I said wasn’t me. It was the Holy Spirit talking to him.

I met a broken alcoholic, but I left that house seeing a new creature in Christ. Glory to God! He has a plan for each of us and His love endures forever. I never get tired of seeing the power of the Risen Christ touching people! Amen!

-Don Parbery, Elijah Challenge Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia