Indaiatuba, Sao Paulo, Brazil
October  2012



For some time already we had been scheduled to teach The Elijah Challenge at a Foursquare Church in the city of Osasco the weekend of October 19-21. But suddenly the event was cancelled. We were a bit mystified at this turn of events.

The very Thursday before that weekend we were ministering at an evangelistic healing service in the city of Itu. At the end of the meeting a young man named Damione approached us and said that his church was interested in having us to teach. When were we planning to return to Brazil again, and when would we be available to minister in his church? He was astonished to hear that due to the recent cancellation we would be free the very next day and also the day after that.

It turned out that the church where Damione served was in the neighboring city of Indaiatuba, a city of big factories, of wealth, and of witchcraft. His young Senior Pastor, Clayton, had received a prophecy from the Lord three years earlier that someday his church would impact the city. At that time he had not even planted the church. Only a year later did he start the church which was then given the name Adoration and Faith. It happened that Clayton was also suffering from an incurable degenerative condition which according to doctors would cripple him by the time he reached middle age.

The very next evening we began teaching this two-year-old congregation. Word about the event had spread quickly through Facebook, and most of the seats were filled.

The Lord was gracious to enable us to teach clearly and effectively. Following the teaching we did a demonstration where we would minister healing to someone following the pattern established by Jesus in the gospels. A heavy-set middle-aged woman came forward. She suffered from constant pain from her back down to her thighs on both sides of her body. Three sisters who had no doubt in their hearts stepped forward to lay their hands on her and to minister healing. They followed after me as we rebuked the infirmity and commanded her to be healed in Jesus’ name.

Afterwards I took her by her hand and had her walk to the side of the sanctuary. After reaching the wall she turned around and came back walking past us heading for the opposite wall. I looked at her face and saw her beginning to break out in tears as she passed by. When she returned to us, we asked her how she felt. Her voice trembling, she announced softly that she felt fine and there was no more pain. Praise the Lord for His wonderful grace.

More and more miraculous healings

After that about a half a dozen more people came forward to be healed. By the third time of ministry each one of them testified that they no longer felt any more pain. One of these was Pastor Clayton himself. He was suffering from a painful degenerative disease in his upper spine. Doctors had told him that due to this condition by the time he reached 50 years of age he would be confined to a wheelchair. As two brothers laid hands on him, the pain disappeared and he was able to bend down and turn his head freely. He is going to see his doctor for a checkup.

The next morning Lucille taught the second session of the Training. The sister who had been the very first to be healed the night before returned with two friends who needed healing. She testified that the long term pain from which she had suffered all over her body had vanished. Her two friends came forward for ministry, and both were also healed. One was an elderly woman who had had back surgery and suffered from pain. She was totally healed. The other friend needed surgery on her knee because of severe pain. After three times of ministry, a smile broke out on her face and she testified that the pain was completely gone.

A missionary sister who had endured pain due to botched surgery on her jaw was completely set free from the pain. During the time of teaching before she was healed she felt severe pain from the back of her head radiating to her jaw as she sat in her seat.

A gentleman who could not take food due to a stomach disorder which caused immediate pain was healed and able to eat normally after being ministered to.

A sister sitting in the front row with a knee problem testified the next morning that she experienced no more pain.

A woman with a noticeably enlarged thyroid could not swallow properly. After Pastor Clayton ministered to her along with his wife, she felt something move in her throat and her enlarged thyroid began to shrink. She was able to swallow afterwards.

The Lord has graciously confirmed His word, greatly encouraging and building up the faith of His disciples in this young vibrant church. Now they will be able preach the gospel as Jesus taught and commanded His disciples: “heal the sick and tell them, ‘the kingdom of God is near you”’ (Luke 10:9). They will impact the city of Indaiatuba. The prophecy given to Clayton will be fulfilled.