“Praise the Lord for all his wonderful works! We had a very encouraging meeting with our workers whom the Lord is graciously using to reach untouched regions each and every day.   After that we visited some of our new harvest fields. From there we proceeded to an unreached area where we conducted a very fruitful Feeding Event.

Around four hundred people accepted Christ at this Event.




 A few selected testimonies…

 A young Hindu man from a high caste named Behera (below) had been suffering from demonic attacks for 11 years. As I was ministering to the sick at a distance from the front, he started shouting, screaming and was thrown down to the ground. For a few minutes this spectacle continued in front of the hundreds of people. With authority I commanded the demon to leave him in the name of Jesus Christ. At that very moment the demon came out of him. It was a marvelous deliverance for Behera after 11 years of torment at the hands of the demon spirit.


.A woman named Kamini came to the meeting holding her baby boy who had such a high fever he was shivering. Someone had told her to take her baby to the village doctor. But she had heard that there was going to be “a supernatural healing program”—our Feeding Event. During the time we were ministering healing at the Event, the boy was completely healed by the Lord.


A young girl named Bhabana had a badly infected mouth, making it very hard for her to eat. She had been taking medicine for two months, but with no change. Our Lord Jesus healed her instantly at our Event. She was astonished to experience instant healing in her body.


Padma was suffering from painful gastritis. At our Feeding Event she experienced something like electricity flowing in her body. The pain disappeared completely. She was miraculously healed from the gastritis.


For three months a woman named Kusum had been suffering from pain in a certain area in the lower part of her stomach. It felt like a slowly growing tumor, so she was thinking of seeing her doctor. But she was afraid of what the doctor might find after examining her. So she kept putting it off. When I ministered to her in Jesus’ name, whatever it was disappeared and the pain vanished.


Thank you so much for your prayer and support enabling us to reach such previously unreached regions.”

An Elijah Challenge Coordinator for India