The Elijah Challenge in Australia

Adelaide, South Australia

“We look back and are simply overwhelmed at the goodness of God. We so often feel so inadequate in ourselves and the circumstances often so challenging, yet how often we have seen the grace of God at work right there among us. We are reminded of the words the apostle Paul used about his own experience in Asia. “We were under great pressure……but this happened that we might not rely on ourselves but on God, who raises the dead.” (2 Cor 1: 8-9).

The following are some highlights of Friday’s experience:

  • The weather was bleak with heavy rain pelting down for most of the day. The sky was grey and the rain looked set in as we wondered if this would be our first outreach we would have to call off. We cried out to the Lord and once again He came through. At around 4.15 pm the rain stopped falling and we were able to begin setting up for a 5 pm start. Although the sky still looked ominous, we had no further rain through the night. God is good!
  • As a good number of people from the homeless community gathered, Nick began the worship followed by  Neville’s word, it became clear that there was an unusual sense of God’s presence in the square. Those who came listened to the message intently as the gospel was clearly proclaimed. One man shared afterward of a deep conviction of sin in his life, because of an adulterous relationship he had been engaging in. The street community were also very aware of the reality of the death of aboriginal brother (Carl Gibson) who attended the previous outreach, but died  just a week or two ago through a heart attack. Karl, who knew the Lord, will be sadly missed by many. His sudden death was a stark reminder to all, that life is very uncertain and we must live as if there may be no tomorrow.
  • Again opportunities for prayer and conversations opened up following the formal time of ministry.
  • A number of young men who are staying in the nearby men’s emergency shelter came to members of the team to thank us for the outreach and the BBQ that followed. One man remarked that he thought the police would have a quieter night on the streets as a result of the outreach meeting and the impact it might have had on those who attended.
  • We look back and feel so privileged to be involved in this work and believe each time, many lives have been impacted in some way for the Kingdom of God.”

Richard and Neville
The Elijah Challenge South Australia