Reports: The Elijah Challenge in Brazil

This miracle took place during the Visitation of God in idolatrous, gospel-resistant Barbalha, a town in the state of Ceara (Brazil) in July 2011. Following The Elijah Challenge Basic Training sessions in the morning, disciples were sent door-to-door in the community in the afternoons to heal the sick and proclaim the kingdom of God as Jesus commanded the Seventy disciples in Luke 10:9.

This is the testimony of one of those disciples, a fervent young brother named Miguel who was on one of the visitation teams.

“Hi…I’m Miguel, and I will tell you about the miracle with the woman’s eye. I’ll try write in English, right? 

At the last Thursday’s morning, there was the Training, and at the end of the same, I prayed. I said something like this:

“God, I want to be used for you, but I don’t want trouble, nothing that makes me wrong as I do Your work. I want some practice, Lord, because I don’t want to shame Your Holy name by my mistake.”

After this, I started the job:

We entered in house, where we had found a Catholic family, and, in this family, there was an old lady who had a blind eye. Anyone can see the blindness in her eye by the color: white with a shadow. And she was blind for thirty years. My hands were cold, especially the fingertips, and I knew that I had to do that. So I prayed, because I had some fear and doubt in my heart.

Then a sister said: “Let’s start to pray.”

I walked with conviction to the old lady. I sat at her side, and I asked to her if she could see a word in a printed invitation for a second visit which I held in my hand. The word was:”God.” She said: “Yes.” So, I covered the blind eye with my hand, and I asked her the same question, and I received the same answer. [Meaning, she could read the word with her good eye.]

So, I said: “Now, see with the other eye, in Jesus’ name.” Then I covered the other eye [her good eye] with my hand. And I asked her again if she could see the word, and she said “yes” just like the first time. She had the same color that still was in her eye (the white, with a shadow around), but now she could see completely!

Then, we talked to the family about God’s love, and other things. But no one accepted Jesus in that house yet. But we tried. 

I want to thank, first the Lord, and second to you, because I know that God answered me. I come praying to God, saying that I want be used for Him, I want to do Him to be happy with me, and I want to do His work here, do you understand? God used you for teach me that. And I want to practice more and more, because I know this is His work, and I will do it.

Praise to God by your life, brother. He will bless you so much, I know, much more than He has.

Stay with God.”

Miguel Filho