Reports from Elijah Challenge Orissa Coordinator Subodh Jena Kumar

We rejoice to share with you the following report from Pastor Subodh Jena Kumar in Orissa, India. The accounts, especially involving the poor and helpless, sound if as they came straight from the pages of the gospels. Jesus Christ who appeared 2,000 years ago to preach good news to the poor, is the same yesterday, today, and forever!




February 17, 2015

“We had a very fruitful and powerful Feeding Event in a remote village called Minia. The majority of the inhabitants there are from the “Gonda” tribe. We saw homes scattered here and there in the village. A few of our Elijah Challenge-trained servants of God accompanied me there to preach the gospel and minister to the sick.

As soon as the Event was over, people came and surrounded us asking us to pray for them for healing from their diseases.  They were so receptive and open to the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. About 180 of them accepted Him as their Lord and Savior.




A grandfather named Sudhir was unable to see for seven years. He would need help from other villagers when going to the river and for helping him with chores. At our Feeding Event he heard the gospel and began to believe that a supernatural miracle would take place. And instantly his eyesight began to clear up and he could see. By the grace of God he was able to see and read, something he was not able to do for the past seven years. He was very glad for this great miracle. See Sudhir below reading some print.




A gentleman named Murali Gonda had poor eyesight and for the last four years he was unable to recognise small objects. After dark he would have great difficulty doing things that he could do only during the day. Our Lord graciously healed him at the Feeding Event. For the first time in several years he was able to tell time from his watch! See him below checking for the time from his watch.




A woman named Dengi (below) had fractured her leg in an accident, and it was difficult for her to put weight on that leg. She felt the Lord’s healing touch in her leg, and the pain left completely. Her broken leg was miraculously healed, and praise the Lord she was able to walk properly.




A mother named Kaurna (below) suffered from so many infirmities that she was hardly able to do anything. She suffered especially in her back, neck, and in both knees. She experienced something tingling like electricity in her body (cf. Mark 5:30 where the woman with the bleeding was healed by Jesus), and she was instantly healed with all the constant pain gone. She believed that whatever diseases she had were completely taken away by the Lord. 

A man named Dilu (below) was suffering from gastritis and “hardness” in his stomach. It was very painful for him throughout the day. Within a minute the pain subsided and his stomach felt normal. He testified that within a minute the pain was gone.


A grandmother named Sashilata (below) suffered for years from burning pain in her chest. But since she is a poor widow she could not afford to see a doctor. At the Feeding Event she felt something heavy come out of her chest and leave her. She was completely well.




An elderly man named Hari (below) fell while on his way to the river, breaking one of his fingers.  His finger was instantly healed and with much boldness testified that he was healed in Jesus’ name.


A woman named Radhika was suffering from pain inside her body. She did not share this with anyone. But Jesus knew and healed her instantly.




We have many more photos but we were unable to record all the corresponding testimonies of healing by our Lord Jesus.”



Feeding the villagers