Thank you so much for your precious prayers and support. By God’s grace we are able to go into remote villages and preach the gospel with power and authority. We had a wonderful Elijah Challenge Feeding Event in a small village where around one hundred and fifty people accepted the Christ.



God did mighty things there.

An elderly woman named Kusum (below) was not able to walk for three years; she was unable even to stand without help from someone or without a walking stick. A man came to the front and informed me that there was a woman in the back who was not able to walk. I asked her to come to the front. With the help of others she came forward as seen in the photo. I ministered to her before the villagers and instantly the Lord touched her. She walked with me back and forth without the walking stick. Then she walked back by herself without any help at all. Praise the Lord!



A named woman Lipi (below) was not able to hear from one ear for a very long time. In addition there was pain in her stomach.  The villagers all knew that she was deaf in one ear. It was marvelous to witness the Lord healing her stomach from the pain and restoring her hearing. She had no hope that she would be able to hear from that ear for the rest of her life. Our gracious God touched and healed her.



A woman named Rusilia  (below) was suffering from a painful torn muscle. She had taken medication and applied ointment to the muscle several times, but there was no change. She was not able to walk for long distances and to perform her work as a domestic helper. Wonderfully Lord healed her. She testified to everyone with tears.



A young sister named Radhika (below) had a skin disease along with pain in her stomach. She had gone to many places for treatment and had spent a lot of money, but nothing worked. Three months earlier we had conducted a Feeding Event near her village which she had attended. That day she experienced the Lord’s healing touch and her skin began drying. But the pain in her stomach persisted. Then she heard from one of our Elijah Challenge pastors that we were having a Feeding event in her district. She came, and received completely healing from the stomach pain.



There was a woman named Asha (below) who had pain in her entire body accompanied by shivering. She was healed at our Feeding Event.



Report by Elijah Challenge Coordinator in Orissa
March 2017