“Praise the Lord for the wonderful report of our Elijah Challenge worker, Sukhnath Badaik. He lives in an interior area of Sundergarh District very close to the border of the state of Madhya Pradesh. It is difficult for him to communicate with us since he lives outside the area of mobile phone coverage. I just received two very encouraging reports from him. We are planning to visit his area in March.”
  • “He went to a village with another Elijah Challenge worker, Anil Bara. There they met a family with a woman suffering from long-term kidney disease. She had been bedridden. They ministered to her in Jesus’ name, and our Lord graciously healed her. There were fourteen people present at that moment, and the gospel was shared with them. All fourteen people accepted Jesus Christ. Praise God.”

  • “In another village called Sagjor lived a man named Bardan Ekka who was an addict. He was continually drunk on alcohol, and people labeled a madman. Often he would quarrel with his family. He was not taking of his children. Twice our workers went to his home to minister to him along with his family. He was wonderfully delivered from the addiction. Moreover he had been suffering a lot from arthritis, but was miraculously healed. The family accepted Christ as their Lord and Saviour.”

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