“Five years ago, Sister Sital accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior after experiencing a great miracle in her life.

She is now a very strong believer. Whenever she gets an opportunity she witnesses for Jesus Christ. On her street there is a young widow named Sadhavi who lives with her son at her mother’s home. Her husband had passed away two years back from alcoholism.

Sadhavi had begun to experience frequent demonic attacks. Sister Sital went and ministered to her in Jesus’ name. The demon left.  After that she wanted to know more about the Lord Jesus and the power that she had experienced in her life.

Sister Sital shared the gospel with her, and Sadhavi accepted the Lord Jesus.

“Her family warned her that if she wanted to accept Jesus she had to leave.”

A month ago she came to me and asked for water baptism. But I said no because baptism has been banned in Orissa. If someone wants to be baptized, they need to obtain special permission from the district Collector.

After a few days she approached me again asking for baptism. She shared with us what had happened with her family after she accepted the Lord. Her family warned her that if she wanted to accept Jesus she had to leave. She then made the decision to leave her family and her home for Jesus Christ. Now she is staying alone in Sister Sital’s house with nobody to support her and her son.

I was touched hearing her testimony and I baptized her. Please pray for her child and for her new faith in the Lord Jesus.”

-Subodh Jena Kumar
Elijah Challenge Coordinator for Orissa, India
July 2015


Sital & Sadhavi

Reports from Subodh Jena Kumar