Bellwood, Illinois
November 28, 2014

31-year-old SM trained with The Elijah Challenge online with our training videos

“On Thursday I went out to lunch with a co-worker who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer a year ago. She is a Catholic. She asked about my recent cruise (see below), so I told her that I served on the healing team and I saw many people healed instantly. After I shared she asked if I could minister to her and I said sure, Jesus can heal you. She placed her hand on the afflicted breast and I placed my hands on top of hers. Then I rebuked the cancer and commanded her to be healed in Jesus’ name. After that she said that she felt warmness in her breast for 5 minutes. Then she said that before I ministered to her in Jesus’ name, she always felt something in her breast, but now it had left.”

November 23

“We are back from our cruise. And I’m so, so sad I can’t stop crying. I miss my brothers and sisters whom I met on the cruise so much. My heart is really hurting…that was the closest I have ever been to heaven. We met so many people with different callings. People who had gone to heaven and hell, and received various other miracles from the Lord. I was placed in the healing ministry, and many people were healed—too many to count. In two days we ministered to every person on the cruise who needed healing. Jesus so graciously allowed healing—such as hearing restored, healing from pains and allergies, and the apparent formation of a new organ in someone. Symptoms of heart problems vanished. Some people needed a creative miracle, but those did not take place. For a woman who needed a whole new leg and arm, I told her I would call her when I spoke to you so you could advise me on how to minister to her.

Also we were wondering if you would perhaps host an Elijah Challenge Training on a cruise—it would be heaven-sent. I have a few people whom I have to call back to minister to them for their complete healing…I don’t want to give up. There was one lady who has had arthritis for 25 years. I need help with that one as well. I met one of my best friends sent from heaven named Diane. I’m also beginning to understand what it means to love each other. When I minister healing with the authority of Jesus, that’s when I feel closest to my brothers and sisters. I will continue to minister healing with the Lord’s authority so that I may be with them every chance I get. I love them so!”