In April 2011 we were in Adelaide, Australia teaching The Elijah Challenge at Clovercrest Baptist Church. At the end of the Monday evening introduction to The Elijah Challenge, we ministered to a woman named Cheryl who had been suffering from severe pain caused by a heart condition. Cheryl had a teenage daughter named Ruby who was at home and not present at the meeting. Ruby suffered from severe long-term schizophrenia and heard voices telling her to hurt herself. She wore only black, gothic-style clothing and carried a doll around wherever she went.

That evening as we ministered to Cheryl for her heart condition at the church, the demonic voices telling Ruby who was at home to hurt herself fell silent. Later that week on Wednesday when we began the actual Elijah Challenge Training, Ruby showed up and testified what the Lord had done for her while she was at home Monday evening.

Report on the 2011 Adelaide Training Event

In mid-April 2015, we received an email from Richard Hawke, one of our hosts for that Adelaide Event:

“Just want to share with you, I ran into Ruby (the young woman who was set free from voices when you ministered to her mother Cheryl) this morning in the city. She was on her way to an educational college. She is now studying basic Information Technology (IT) and she told me she is topping her class. She also said it has been two years since she stopped smoking. Now instead of carrying her doll, she carries her study books and her laptop! She is a transformed person. She loves life…we praise God for all He has done in Ruby’s life.”