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Woman raised back to life and walks out of hospital following near death

February 27, 2009
By Lisa Tobin of Open Air Seattle

“Wednesday morning my sister was found in her car at Ocean Shores having attempted to take her life. She had taken three bottles of pills with alcohol – a more than lethal attempt at suicide. By the time the officer found her she was very cold and barely had a pulse. My mother was called and told she was taken to Grays Harbor hospital. Of course we were on our way. The two hour drive to get there seemed like eternity – we were so afraid we weren’t going to make it before she passed on. On the way down there I was begging and pleading with God, I’m sure we all were. What came to my mind, with a vengeance, was Jesus could heal her. He healed people when He walked this earth, and healed people even afterwards through His followers; there are many accounts of this in the Bible so this possibility became very real to me. So, this came to my mind, and I just kept praying.

When we finally got to the hospital, they couldn’t find her. We went to two different desks, the main desk then the emergency room desk. They both said there was no one there by that name. FEAR came over me, in my panicked state I thought, “oh, it’s too late, she’s gone, she’s gone, we’re too late!!!” Then someone somewhere heard our request and said “who are you looking for?”. She knew where my sister was and brought us up to the Critical Care Unit (CCU). When we entered the ccu they wanted to meet with us in the conference room, “okay” I thought, “so this is it, they want to sit us down to tell us we’re too late”. This was so unreal, my sister dying was beyond anything I could comprehend.

When the doctor came in my mom made it clear that she wanted to see her daughter before anybody talked to her. That’s all she wanted was to see her daughter – and we were on our way. When we entered my sister’s room, all the people that were working on her moved aside. There was such sadness in them. They looked at us with such heart felt pity. It was clear they were letting us in to say our goodbyes. They could hardly find the words to speak to us. They just watched as Karissa (my niece), Andrea (her daughter), my mom and I tried to talk to Colene (my sister) (Toby and Kalii were still on there way at this point).

Though she was barely alive, and in a deep coma we wanted her to know we were there with her in her last moments. Then the thought came back to me about Jesus’ followers healing people. I thought, “what can I do?” It came to me, with every ounce of my being, that as smart as these doctors are, and as caring as these nurses are, they can’t save her. They knew it and we knew it. There was one and only one to appeal to right now. God’s sovereignty was never so apparent to me as it was at that moment. As this is blaring through my head, my sister’s blood pressure plummeted – I looked up at the screen that was causing the panic and it went blank, then showed a number I don’t even recall now. They were rushing us out of there quickly, but I KNEW only God could fix this so I turned around to her and yelled something like…

“In Jesus’ name be healed, I command you in the name of Jesus to LIVE!!!”

Okay, it was official, everyone thought I was nuts, but it seemed her doctor understood this as the right thing to do. I don’t know why I felt that way but it did, it seemed right. They moved us toward a waiting room they had near her room, they had to literally move me as I couldn’t move on my own. The Spirit of God was on me so powerfully I felt unable to even lift my feet, so a nurse helped me along. When she left me I hit the floor in prayer, God’s Spirit still heavy upon me. On my knees I just begged, under compulsion – “Father God, please don’t let her die, please Lord Jesus, don’t let her die” repetitively, then I heard people in the waiting room that they had been trying to move us to, I ran to them and begged them to “please pray – ask God to not let my sister die”, I asked them if they would do this, they said yes, then I went back to my place on the floor with my same prayer.

After a while I noticed it was no longer under compulsion, I was just saying it and God’s peace came over me. I thought “what is this?, do I dare believe that she’s going to live? Do I dare even entertain the thought?” But His peace was over me and I couldn’t deny Him, so at this point I was able to look around me and see others. I had been in such appeal to God that the world had faded around me. So I looked around and saw Andrea on the floor sobbing, and went to her and prayed in my mind that God would comfort her. Soon her sobs were calmed and she was able to sit comfortably and wait. We just sat on the floor and waited, at this point, for them to call us back in.

Finally that time came, and you could see a renewed hope in all the people that had been working on my sister – THEY HAD PEACE TOO! They said that while they were working on her, she had become responsive. She knew they were there and she physically responded to them!(ie-tried to pull at the doctors hand when he was sewing her up where they had put something in her neck).This was Wednesday afternoon around 3 or 4, as night came(mere hours later) she was coming out of her coma, by three in the morning, she was completely out of the coma! By evening (on Thursday), she was medically released from the hospital. I say medically, because she was then transferred to a mental health facility for evaluation.

She WALKED OUT OF THE HOSPITAL ON HER OWN TWO FEET TO THE VEHICLE SHE WAS BEING TRANSPORTED IN. The staff admitted their awe, we were all in awe – GOD WAS GLORIFIED! We (all of us, including, I believe, the hospital staff) had been brought to a point that, if Colene lived, no one would have any confusion as to who healed her – no special procedure, no special medication, no really smart doctor – nothing our human mind could comprehend was going to save her. We had one to turn too – her doctor had even said, “all we can do is pray”. “ALL” we can do is pray? Now I realize that is EVERYTHING.

God is GOD – THE ONE TRUE GOD, THE LIVING & ACTIVE ALL-POWERFUL MIGHTY GOD – I would beg that no one would deny Him. The Bible says that EVERY knee will bow, and EVERY tongue will confess Him as Lord – please let this be before you die, afterwards will be too late to be saved – you WILL bow to Him, you WILL confess Him, you will not be able to deny when you are before His throne after you die, but please let this confession be as your Savior, not as your Judge. He has made provision for ALL to be saved – but we MUST accept this provision, we must trust in Jesus – He is our salvation.”

He who has the Son has the life; He who does not have the Son of God does not have the life. 1 John 5:12