“A young woman named Puja had two small children. For five years she had suffered at the hands of a demon spirit. From time to time the spirit would attack and torment her. At first her husband and family thought that she might be suffering from some disease, and took her to the cities of Vishakhapatnam and Cuttack for expensive treatment.

But she did not get well. This evening when we went to see her, unable to open her mouth she was not able to talk with her jaw frozen shut. Her bent leg was also frozen in place. As we ministered to her, the demon started screaming and she collapsed to the floor. As we rebuked the demon and commanded it to come out she covered up her ears not wanting to hear and obey our commands. She carried on like this for about ten minutes.  

Again and again we continued to command the demon to leave her. Finally the demon relented and told us it was going to leave. However, she had many bracelet-like objects wrapped around her hand, leg and other parts of her body, items given to her by a sorcerer—the purpose of which was to ward off evil spirits. They were cut off and then destroyed in Jesus’ name. 

Our gracious Lord delivered her.  The demon obeyed our authoritative commands and left her.”
The “bracelets” around her wrist and other parts of her body were cut off and removed (see below)
Sorcerers typically prescribe such objects for their clients
Pastor Rosy (right) after the woman (center) was set free in Jesus’ name

Elijah Challenge Coordinator for Orissa/Odisha
Summer 2018