“Jesus just did another great miracle today here out on the streets of Coffs Harbour.

I met a woman born deaf. She is not suited to a cochlear implant. Also, she had nerve damage in her ears which was hereditary. Additionally, she had broken bones inside her ears from combinations of birth defects and failed operations. She also had spine damage from a prior car accident and chronic back and muscular pain. She also had fibromyalgia, depression and anxiety. Additionally, she was addicted to smoking.

I asked her whether she believed in God and whether she would be open to healing prayer. She said she had some belief in God but didn’t believe what I believed. But she said she was open to prayer. She gave me permission to pray for her. She didn’t tell me about the fibromyalgia or depression. That came through a word of knowledge whilst commanding.

Don & Anna Parbery are disciples based
in Gold Coast, Australia

Reports from Don & Anna

Her unbelieving relatives were scoffing at her, at me and God but I didn’t bother with them. God wanted me to tell her that He wanted to set her free today and that he didn’t create her to suffer in a sub-optimal life. I told her in front of the scoffers that Jesus would heal her and that they would have to stop scoffing and repent because of this.

Anyway, all pain and the other stuff left when commanded to do so. Also the tinnitus left and one of her ears was complete healed. Her other ear also opened and she experienced partial then more and more hearing as further commands were given.

The scoffers stopped scoffing and then I told her and them that Jesus Christ did this today to demonstrate that He alone heals saves and delivers.

God also bound and evicted the spirit of nicotine and took away her desire to smoke and her addiction. I told them to repent of their sins and hardness of heart to the One who did this. Then I left.

This is awesome! I’m amazed at what God does when we expect Him to turn up and when we take our authority. All glory to Him. He is the healer. Amen!”

-January 2015