Testimony from meeting held at Westland Baptist Church in Katy

“I thought that you would like an update on how Alesia has been doing over the past three weeks. She has had only one migraine, last Saturday, after she forgot to take her medication. This is the longest she has gone without a headache in nearly 10 years, God is great!!

I also went on a motorcycle ride yesterday with the husband of the woman your wife and Alesia prayed over concerning the swelling in her ankles. Her husband reported that there has not been any swelling for three weeks.

Thank you so much for your devotion to the Lord. I have not made the time to read the prayer and fasting book you gave to Pastor Roy Meadows. It is something that I plan to get done within the week. I will keep you posted on Alesia’s (and the other Westland church members) are doing.”