Report from Butch & Janet Berner on the Elijah Challenge Training


By Carin Nel in South Africa
November 15, 2013

“It is a month now since I have attended the Elijah Challenge Training weekend in Vereeniging.

I have been practising what I was taught and my confidence is growing by the day. Of course there are times when I don’t see immediate results, but then I remind myself that healing comes in many ways and does no always happen as an instant miracle, although I’m sure you will all agree that an instant miracle is “first prize”! That’s my first choice!!

On Wednesday I parked my car at a shopping centre and as I got out of the car, a homeless man passed me on the pavement leaning on a crutch and walking with difficulty. When he saw me, he immediately asked f money as he had to go to the hospital and needed to take a taxi. I could smell that he had been drinking, even though he was not drunk.

I said, like Peter and John at the temple gate, “Silver and gold have I not, but can I pray for you, because Jesus loves you so much?” He said a lady ran him over with a car and his leg was badly injured. I asked him whether he believed that God could heal him and he said yes. He said I could pray over him. People were passing us, but pretended not to see this well-dressed lady talking to this unkempt, homeless man! I thought it was quite funny how uncomfortable this makes most people feel.

I then commanded the leg to be healed in Jesus’ name and rebuked the spirit of infirmity. I commanded the pain and swelling to go in Jesus’ name. Then I asked him to walk. He could not believe what was happening to him and said, “Wow, madam, my leg is healed!” He threw his crutch to the side and walked normally.

Then he wanted my telephone number which I did not give for obvious reasons!

I drove to the safe house where I prayed over a trafficked victim who was tested positive for HIV. All the symptoms disappeared! 

A day without a miracle is just a boring day!!”