It was an awesome Elijah Challenge Training in a place called Barjobadi. Over 90 servants of God from various mission fields participated. After the training the one comment I heard from most of them was,“This teaching was much needed by us during these Last Days.” Praise the Lord.

Many of the servants of God told me that the way they had been doing it they had wasted precious time in their ministries. “But now we have a new zeal and new paradigm which we have from the New Testament. We are blessed.”

There was not enough room inside the church and so some of the participants sat outside in the veranda.

There was an elderly woman from that Church (below) who had been bedridden for one year. At the end of the teaching the pastor’s wife asked me to minister to her. Three of the servants of God brought her to us since she could not walk or stand without help from others or with a cane. We ministered to her along with the trained disciples. Afterwards she was able to stand and take few steps—without her cane and with the help of only the pastor’s wife.




We ministered healing to a few of the servants of God present.

Pastor Susil (below) had had problem with his thyroid for the last ten days due to a cough and a cold. As we ministered to him he was healed instantly.



Pastor Saloman (below) had been suffering from problems in his chest and back for a long time. He was miraculously healed after the newly-trained servants of God ministered to him.



Elijah Challenge Coordinator in Orissa, India
March 2018