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We train and help send out workers for the Last Days harvest—just as Jesus trained and sent his disciples to preach the gospel in Luke 9 and 10. We train them how to heal the sick and cast out demons consistently as irrefutable & compelling evidence to gospel-resistant people groups that Jesus is the only way to the Father. Those we train can eventually become trainers themselves.

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We have trained tens of thousands of disciples and workers in nearly 50 nations on six continents. Some of those we’ve trained have launched out in their own ministries preaching the gospel and training others just as they themselves were trained by us. According to their reports, millions have come to Christ through their ministries. One servant of God we trained led one million souls to Christ in a single event.

In such a way we want to train and help send one million such workers into the Lord’s vast harvest field during these Last Days.

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In 1978 the founders of The Elijah Challenge began as missionaries to remote regions of Indonesia—the world’s fourth most populous, predominantly Muslim nation—preaching the gospel and making disciples among those who had never heard the gospel. They have been happily married for 45 years (as of 2019) and counting.

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