“Greetings to you in Jesus precious name. Praise the Lord for the amazing work of God. Last Sunday I preached in a town called Anugul. There were over twelve hundred people present. After the message as usual I ministered to the sick, and so many people were healed and accepted the Christ.

There were hundreds of people surrounding me and asking me to minister healing. There was an elderly woman who had not able to walk with one leg paralyzed. The Lord healed her right there and she began walking. This kind of miraculous healing we have witnessed frequently, but in Anugul special miracles I had never before witnessed were taking place.

A woman had been demonized for a long time. During the worship she created a disturbance by shouting and jumping uncontrollably. She rolled on the ground up to me and tried to grab hold of my feet. I commanded the demon to leave her in Jesus’ name. Praise the Lord it left her.

There were three childless couples who came up for prayer. They had been married for 11 years, 7 years, and one and a half years respectively.

I asked them to hold hands as I prayed and ministered to them one by one. Within a minute the wives began to feel pain in their wombs to the point of being severe for few minutes. One sister had to run to the wash basin to vomit—as if she had just become pregnant. Both I and my host pastor were amazed to see this.

The three couples believe that Lord Jesus had touched them. Never before had they experienced such pain in their wombs. May the Lord now fulfill the desire of their hearts to have children.


The three couples with our Coordinator (third from the left) 

I am planning to go there to teach The Elijah Challenge in the month of April.

The Lord has done similar miracles in the past:

Once I ministered to a couple who had been childless after a few years of marriage. The next year they came to me with a baby girl.

In 2015 I ministered to Rabindra, one of our Elijah Challenge pastors. The following year his wife gave birth to a baby girl after eight years of marriage.

A few months ago I ministered to another Elijah Challenge pastor named Brother Parmeswar along with his wife. A few days ago I learned that his wife is now five months pregnant. Our God is a God of miracles.

Thank you so much for your precious prayers for us and for the ministry. All the glory to God.”

February 2015 report submitted by Elijah Challenge Coordinator in Orissa