“My husband and I decided to go to the Elijah Challenge Gala back in October 2014. At that time it came to me that I wanted the Lord’s help with a problem I had with my natural hair.

I have a very thick curly African-American hair. I needed help from the Lord for my natural oils to travel down the hair. Typically with African-American hair we struggle with lack of moisture in our hair because of the curl pattern. I asked them to pray over my hair so that the oils would travel down the entire length of my hair. They were surprised and said that they’ve never heard of such a problem before, but the Lord is able to do all things. So they went for it. At first they didn’t quite understand my problem so I explained it to them until they understood.

After they ministered to me I didn’t feel anything and everything seemed normal. When we got back to Chicago the next day, I checked my hair and there was an overflow of oil building up in my scalp. I couldn’t believe it! It was a clear substance.

Now it’s been three months and I don’t have to add any oils to my hair any more because Jesus has caused my natural oils to travel all the way down. Also my hair is easier to detangle now as a result of the “excess” oil. I thank God for this miracle because my hair has always given me so many problems with the lack of oil. The artificial oils that I would put in my hair helped, but not like my natural oil.

With Jesus all things are possible!”

“I tell you the truth,  this is a rather strange miracle—my hair has definitely changed with the new oil. I feel like I have to learn it all over again.”