Subodh Jena Kumar Reports

“We had a very good time with the believers at Padanketa. Earlier this year in April we had a Feeding Event there, and I think this was one of the biggest Feeding Events with a large group of people.”
“On our second visit to Padanketa this time we went door to door, approaching many believers personally and encouraging them to remain in the Lord and to continue to stand in their new faith in the Lord Jesus. It was a very good experience to sit with the believers and understand their lives. Though the villagers are not yet able to have good fellowship, but they have improved a lot and hope in the days ahead to learn more and to equip themselves.  We were very glad to see how wonderfully they worship our Lord Jesus.
We taught and instructed them how should we live in Christ. Many Dalit people (the “untouchables” of India) and tribal people were delivered from alcohol and some from smoking. In the past there were many people who were much addicted to alcohol and smoking, but nowadays they have changed completely.
I remember at our last Feeding Event there was a drunkard who was suffering from various diseases. He was healed and from that day onward he repented from all kinds of bad habits and accepted the Lord. I came to know that people were amazed at the change in him as he used to quarrel with others.
We were very glad and encouraged to see the women and youth actively praying and following the Christ. Praise the Lord many who were healed last time are doing well in the faith.
Thank you so much for your support in reaching, teaching, and preparing them for Jesus Christ.”
Below are photos from the earlier April 2013 Feeding Event in Padanketa.