Simon Haqq conducts Feeding Events for The Elijah Challenge in India

April 2013

The Elijah Challenge in India


Simon Haqq

“In April 2013 Simon Haqq, our evangelist/coordinator, was checking out some villages for possible future evangelistic events.  He surveys villages to see if they are receptive to the gospel.  In one such village he was surprised to find a lot of Catholics who were willing to come to an event and in need of prayer, so Simon told them where he would be spending the night. 

As he was trying to get some rest someone knocked on his door.  It turned out to be a Catholic man who came to be prayed for.  Simon taught the man about a personal relationship with Christ and forgiveness of sin through Him alone.  As he ministered healing to the man with authority, Jesus healed him and the man then placed his faith solely in Jesus Christ as his Savior. 

Simon laid back down to rest.  Before long another knock on the door; this time two Catholic men came for prayer.  This first man told them what had happened when Simon ministered to him in Jesus’ name.  Simon again taught them about Jesus and ministered to them in Jesus’ name.  They too were healed and accepted Jesus as their Savior.  These men also left and testified to their families what happened. 

By the next morning thirty-five people had come to Simon’s room and all accepted Jesus as their personal Savior and a small Christian church had been planted in the village.  Now we will do a Feeding Event and send a trained pastor to disciple the new believers and minister in the village.

It is incredible to see what God is doing.”

-Reported by Elijah Challenge Partner Bill Willis