“Love Cheras”, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – June 2009

Other Elijah Challenge Training events in Malaysia

Unity among pastors results in demonstration of healing power to confirm gospel

The Cheras Pastors Fellowship is a group of pastors in the area of Cheras, Kuala Lumpur which has paid the price for unity within the local body of Christ. In 2008 when we conducted the Basic Training for them, the results were unusual. Click 
here to view the report. In June 2009 we returned to hold the Advanced Training.



Three hundred Malaysian disciples gather for Advanced Training

The Advanced Training, translated from English to Mandarin Chinese, was taught for eight hours spread out over three days. At the demonstration of healing at the end of the second session, perhaps a third or more of the people came forward for healing. The remaining ones came forward to lay hands on them and exercise their authority from the Lord. Over three successive times of the laying on of hands, many of them testified that the Lord had healed them or that they were much better. The Lord had graciously confirmed His teaching and encouraged the disciples in their faith.

 Below are captions for photos taken during the Training which could not be loaded: 

  • Disciples who need healing line up at the front for the demonstration
  • Disciples minister just as Jesus taught His disciples in the gospels 
  • Above: people raise their hands signifying the Lord has touched them
  • Below: some testimonies of those who were healed by the Lord
  • The gentlemen at right reported that he had been born without an eardrum in his right ear. However, after the demonstration of healing-at-a-distance (as Jesus did in Luke 7) he discovered that he could hear through that ear.

The Climax: Two Evangelistic Healing Rallies

Luke 10:9 “Heal the sick, and tell them ‘the kingdom of God is near you.'”

On the first evening the Lord was greatly exalted as many people went up to the platform to testify that the Lord had healed them. One woman shared that she could no longer find the lump in her breast. A young boy’s impaired hearing was restored. It most exciting to hear one testimony after another as the trained disciples laid hands on the sick. Precious souls repented after witnessing the miracles which had confirmed the truth of the gospel. They turned to the Lord as the one true God and Savior.

The second evening was short and sweet. After the message proclaiming Christ’s authority to heal and to forgive sin from Isaiah 53, over one hundred trained disciples went to work healing the sick and casting out demons. Very soon people who had been healed went up to the platform to give glory to the Lord. It was exciting to behold. The Lord’s grace was evident.

More captions for photos taken during the Rallies:

  • Above: the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Below: many testify of being healed over the two evenings
  • The gentleman wearing yellow (right) had come to the meeting with severe schizophrenia
  • Woman walks without her cane
  • Left: the boy’s impaired hearing has been restored
  • Woman (left) testifies of being healed of one infirmity; later returns to testify of being healed of yet a second infirmity in another part of her body
  • Above & below: woman gets up out of wheelchair and walks with greater strength
  • Woman (right) who testified earlier returns to testify again after being healed of a second infirmity

The miracles and the testimonies proved beyond a shadow of doubt to our visitors that Jesus Christ had power to forgive our sin, save us from condemnation in hell, and to grant us eternal life. I challenged the people to repent, and they responded by acknowledging Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

The following week the Cheras pastors made healing the sick a part of their weekly medical clinic reaching out to the community. Such a bold outreach had never before been attempted by the Malaysian Church in this strictly Musl__m country. Stay tuned for many more testimonies from Malaysia. The trained disciples will begin to train others with The Elijah Challenge.