Peter was trained as he viewed the 10-part video “Hell’s Second Best Kept Secret
July 17, 2010

Reports from Peter & Modern Jesus Army

“I had two encouraging healing testimonies lately.

One was a young sister in our church who had inflamed and painful lymph nodes. She was especially distrubed about it as she didn’t want to miss out on our outreach event in London. I laid hands on her throat area and commanded the pain to go – it eased up immediately. Then I carried on rebuking the pain to go in Jesus’ name and after about a minute the pain was completely gone. Then I instructed her to not to give up and if the pain wants to return to keep rebuking it. Late that night she sent a phone message saying that the pain was fully gone, she is well and ready. (We had our London campaign today and she actively took part. As a result of this we saw conversions and real decisions for Christ. God is good.)

The other testimony is from another woman in our church. She was really struggling with her pregnancy physically, she had a heart condition and quite bad varicose veins, which caused much pain and she could not sleep a lot. The other night she was in agony, just could not do anything. I was called, and I commanded the pain to go in the name of Jesus. It eased up immediately and after about a minute continuously acknowledging and claiming the authority of Jesus the pain went completely.

In both occasions the pattern was very similar: commanding in the name of Jesus followed by immediate relief, then a short time of further orders and taking authority made the pain to disappear. In both occasions I was asked to minister of out pure need and pain. I found that the need itself was a good enough call, I didn’t need anything else.”