Subodh Jena Kumar has hosted The Elijah Challenge on two occasions

May 6, 2012

Praise the Lord! I am very glad to write this. A few minutes ago two people came to us which was unbelievable. My wife Rosy could not believe it.

Marwadis are merchant groups in India. Most of the richest people in India are Marwadi and they are high caste people. They do not respond to the Gospel. I do not know any Christians from their community anywhere in India.

A Marwardi man named Mahesh Agrawal came to us with his friend, who was suffering from a migraine headache for the last 25 years. He has been all over India for treatments and has spent lakhs (one lakh is worth about US$1,800) with no results.

He went to CMC (the biggest Christian hospital in India) in Vellore and stayed there for twenty days, but no treatment was given to him. He suffered so badly that he said he would cry for days and days when the migraines started.

He said he would pray to God that this kind of disease should not happen even to his enemies. That is how terrible and unbearable his condition was.

Mahesh told me he heard about what Jesus Christ was doing through us, and that he had tried all the renowned hospitals in India, but in vain. Now he had hope in Jesus only, and asked me to help him. I shared the Gospel with him and about our healing ministry.  He knelt down and asked me to minister to him. I was amazed. I comforted him and ministered to him. After that he sat some time and informed us that he was feeling better. Praise the Lord. Again I ministered to him and he felt even better. I told him to pray to Lord Jesus Christ and to rest that evening, and to inform me the next morning.

Another miracle…

In the town of Bhawanipatna, seven kilometers from our house, there is a young girl named Puspita. With the help of a sorcerer, some people sent a demon spirit to her, and she suffered much for three months. Every night the girl would talk with the demons and would have many satanic dreams.

Her family called yesterday evening and described her condition to us. Rosy and I went to their home. She started shouting and crying when she saw us. The demon was asking Rosy why she had brought husband, saying, “I do not want to see him.”

The demon told us where it came from, and who sent it. After listening to all this, we ministered to her in Jesus’ name. We commanded the demon to leave her, but after a few minutes she started crying and shouting again. With a loud voice it said, “I am going” and then she fell on the ground. The demon left her and she got up fully aware. She was quite scared and asked me, “Pastor, will the demon come again?”

This morning she called me and informed us that she had slept well and did not have any bad dreams. Praise God.