Reaching the followers of the religion centered in the Middle East

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Note: “D” in the following articles refers to the predominant religion in the Middle East, while “Ds” refer to the adherents of that religion

Reaching the gospel-resistant: going back to basics

The 100,000 Syrians coming to the USA: how to reach them without studying the Quran

The extraordinary testimony of a devout Muslim woman who hated Christians

Do Muslims & Christians worship the same God?

Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez killed five US Marines in Tennessee for “pleasures…never seen.”

What happens when a Christian gets “radicalized”? I

What happens when a “Christian” gets radicalized? II

The Religionists are coming! The Religionists are coming!

America: Sharing the gospel with your Muslim friend or co-worker

The Kingdom of the Pharisees Today

Can the Church in America compete with Islam on a level playing field?

“Why is the West creating crazy, killer converts to Islam?”

IRONY: “Grace” in the Church today vs. “works” in the Islamic State (ISIS) in Iraq

Is there a visible outward difference between Christianity and Ahmadiyya Islam which preaches peace & love?

2,700 gospel-resistant peoples (& counting) reached for Jesus Christ

Christianity or Jesus Christ?

The Kingdom of God comes from within, not from without

How should the Church respond to the spirit of the “D” religion?

Terrorism: Why isn’t the Church reaching the “Ds” in our cities?

Britain adopts “D” law

CIA: “D” is a system The inexorable advance of “D” in America & the West

A new paradigm for fulfilling the Great Commission to the Unreachable

Toward a mass movement of “Ds” to Christ

How the Church in the West can stop the advance of the “D” religion in its own backyard

Why did God put such huge oil reserves in the Middle East?

The Joys of “D” Women Reaching the unreachable