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We train local churches and believers to heal the sick to demonstrate to the lost that Jesus Christ is the only way to the Father. Then we hold an Evangelistic Healing Service where the gospel is preached to the lost and the trained believers heal the sick as a confirmation of the gospel. Souls will come to Christ. Afterwards, the local churches will be able to hold such meetings and other similar outreaches on their own, without needing to invite an outside evangelist. Trained believers can also heal the sick and proclaim the gospel in small groups and home fellowships as well.

Our ministry is not centered around the type of one-man-show crusade evangelism that many churches are familiar with. Instead, what the Lord has given us to do is primarily the restoration of His miraculous healing power to every believer for the preaching of the gospel during these endtimes and the fulfillment of the Great Commission.


Testimonies of miraculous healing at evangelistic event
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First, the Basic Training

In our Basic Training, pastors, leaders, and believers are taught from the Scriptures how to heal the sick effectively according to the pattern of Christ Himself. This is a permanent impartation, and not for only the duration of the meetings.

A full and complete Training requires about nine hours of teaching, not including praise & worship and breaks. This should take place over two or three days. If a translation from English into another language is required, more time should be set aside. If nine hours is not available, the Training can be shortened.

In addition to English, we are equipped to minister directly in the Indonesian language and in Mandarin Chinese for people who understand only those languages.

The Evangelistic Healing Outreach

After the Basic Training, the believers are given an opportunity to apply what they have learned in an actual evangelistic event.

If possible, an event in the open-air which draws the people in the community to come would be best. Festival-type events which offer free food and drinks and children’s activities on a Saturday (or Sunday) afternoon can usually attract people. Before the food and drinks are served and the children’s activities begin, the gospel is preached and the sick are healed by the trained believers. For an example of such an event, please click on Houston Fall Festival.

If an outdoor event is not possible, then an evangelistic healing service can be held inside a church or public facility.

The churches bring together a crowd of people, among whom are unbelievers and the infirm, and we will proclaim Jesus as the Son of God, the only way to the Father.

We will ask the Lord to provide the evidence for the truth of this statement by healing the infirm through the believers who have been trained.

Then we will ask the trained believers to come forward, as well as the infirm. The Lord will do miracles through them to confirm that Jesus is indeed the Son of God. After the crowd hears the healing testimonies, then we will challenge the lost to repent and to accept Christ. Souls will come to Christ.

The church will be encouraged to continue preaching the gospel in this way and in its small groups without the assistance of outside or foreign evangelists.

This approach of healing the sick and proclaiming the kingdom of God can especially be applied in small groups and home fellowships. Thus cell group leaders should be trained.

In certain cultures or environments, trained believers can be sent door to door and from home to home to preach the gospel and heal the sick. This was done in July 2010 in a very idolatrous region of Brazil over a period of six days, resulting in 1,920 people healed and 1,440 people accepting Christ.

Report from Brazil

Moreover, pastors (and elders) are relieved of the responsibility of being the only ones to whom sick people in the congregation seek out for healing prayer. Pastors and leaders will also be able to train their own believers to heal the sick and cast out demons in fulfillment of John 14:12. All Elijah Challenge Training materials will be provided for free to leaders desiring to use them for review and for training others. 

How to get maximum benefit from an Elijah Challenge Training Event

For churches in the Third World

If the churches in a city are willing to come together to host and bear the expenses of the Training followed by a small-scale Evangelistic Healing Service, The Elijah Challenge would be happy to consider coming. Please click here to read the scriptural basis for why local churches should not become overly dependent upon funds coming from us and other foreign sources.

The Basic Training plus Evangelistic Healing Service would take place over five days or less.

For reports and testimonies following the Basic Training held in many different countries around the world, please click on Elijah Challenge Events around the world.

“Financial Requirements”

The Elijah Challenge does not require a specified amount of honorarium for its ministry. We are happy to receive whatever the Lord provides. However, it would be appreciated if round-trip airfare is provided by the host country or church. We request that if possible you accommodate us in a western-style hotel (and meals) which has 24-hour high-speed internet access available in the guest room as well as a gymnasium. 

Prophetic words about The Elijah Challenge now being fulfilled

“Are we evangelical or charismatic?” “Neither.”

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