Training for the Second Batch of Disciples – February & March 2018

Training disciples in India as Jesus trained his disciples for the Great Commission

“Thank God for His grace and mercy upon our Elijah Challenge servants of God and disciples enabling them to take the gospel from village to village just as He commanded his early disciples (Luke 9:6). Last week with our disciples-in-training we reached three new villages.

In this region there are various people groups—first the untouchable dalits, secondly the tribals, and finally a group classified as “general.” Just three to four kilometres out, we could see differences in the receptivity of villagers to the gospel.

We ministered to some sick and demonized people in the villages. In the three villages, around 20 people were miraculously healed. Praise the Lord, many accepted the Lord Jesus. It gives us special joy when people accept Christ. It is our privilege to reach unreached villages with the gospel.

A woman was suffering from a problem with her uterus for three months. We ministered to her after explaining to her how Jesus healed many sick people two thousand years back. She was healed from the sickness after we ministered to her.

A man was suffering from a burning sensation in his foot. With our disciples we laid hands on his feet in Jesus’ name. After a few minutes he experienced the Lord’s miraculous healing touch.

A one-year-old child had been crying nearly day and night. He had not been able to nurse from his mother for the past few days. The family was thinking that the child might have seen a demon and so was fearful and crying. The witch doctor had given them something to place around his neck, but it did not help.

After our disciples ministered to the child, he calmed down and started drinking his mother’s milk.

A woman was suffering from sciatica and not able to walk properly such that at times she needed a walking stick. Praise the Lord as soon as we ministered to her, she was able to walk normally.

 A child was suffering from a fever and a cold for one week. As our disciples ministered to her she was healed by the Lord.

A young man was attacked by demons almost every evening. Sometimes he would lose consciousness and sometimes he would run into nearby jungle. Our disciples ministered him, and the demons left him. The family was astonished. They shared a long story about how they had suffered for the last 3 to 4 months and spent much money for his treatment. They took him to many shamans, but they could not set him free from the demons. The demon continued to torment him. But after he was wonderfully set free in Jesus’ name, the family accepted the Lord.

Thank you so much for your intercession and your financial support for the extension of His kingdom.”

-Elijah Challenge Coordinator for Orissa

Training disciples in India as Jesus trained his disciples for the Great Commission