Training for Second Batch of 12 Disciples in Orissa – February 2018

Report – February 6, 2018

“Last week God helped us to visit four Hindu villages and ministered to a few sick people and preached the gospel and gave out some gospel tracts .

We went to a village consisting of a group of people called the Majhi, they are tribal and their occupation is mostly manual labor and cultivation. Even though they are not very far from a town they are nevertheless not educated and uncivilized. We also went to another village to minister to another group of people. 

We met with sick people who had been suffering from various diseases. We ministered to them one by one.

  • A young girl had a urinary infection in serious condition. She had been treated in a hospital for three days, but had not fully recovered. As we ministered to her she was completely healed.
  • An elderly man was suffering from diabetes for a long time, and was was partially blind. When our disciples ministered to him through the laying hands, his sight was restored. He was so glad and brought the disciples to his home where he asked them to pray for his family.
  • A man named Jagdish had met with an accident and broken his leg. He had had surgery and taken medication for three months. He was almost well, but he experienced pain when walking. We laid hands on his knee, and he was healed. He walked without pain. He was even able to run. Praise the Lord.
  • A woman had pain in the lower part of her stomach after taking a contraceptive. Our disciples ministered to her, and the Lord healed her.
  • An elderly woman was attacked by a spirit as she was bathing outside at a nearby river. She went there fine, but came back demonized. We had an opportunity to minister to her, and she was instantly delivered. Praise the Lord. They believed that Jesus is the Saviour.  

 One day while we were returning from a village some Hindu people came and questioned us.  They wanted to know why we were doing what we were doing, where we were from, and what was our purpose, etc. We explained to them who we were, and why we were doing what we were doing. I shared with them that Jesus is not a foreign God, and why He came into the world. Praise the Lord they did not oppose us.

In this way we go from village to village ministering to the sick and the demonized and sharing the gospel with them.

 The last few days our disciples’ wives were with us. I taught them The Elijah Challenge as well as some other subjects. Women are mostly neglected in India in many ways. I am thinking we will equip all our Elijah Challenge pastors’ wives to be active in the ministry with their husbands.”

-Elijah Challenge Coordinator in Orissa