Training local gospel workers in India as Jesus trained his disciples in the gospels

September 25, 2018

“We had another very good response from a remote village which was around 2 hours from our base.

We divided up into three groups. One group was especially fruitful. We started ministering in a particular house. People began to come one after another to be ministered to. Within 20 minutes the majority of the villagers had gathered in that house—around ninety people. Many sick people were healed as we laid hands on them in Jesus’ name.

I seized the opportunity to share the gospel with the villagers. They acknowledged that they had never heard such a thing, and had never witnessed such miracles. I asked how many wanted to know more about the Lord Jesus and accept him. To our surprise just about all of them raised their hands to accept Christ.

It was another awesome experience with our Elijah Challenge disciples.”

-Elijah Challenge Trainer in India