In December 2018 our Coordinator Subodh Jena took his first batch of 12 disciples to share the gospel and minister in two unreached villages. Below are three testimonies from that outreach with the 12 disciples.
  • We went to a Hindu village, and while ministering to a few sick people, one girl came to us and told us that as her 7-year-old cousin was suffering from an unclean spirit. We went to her house and saw the little girl’s very severe condition. She had had a demon since the age of one and a half month. Her father and mother had taken her to a nearby sorcerer, and had even called some sorcerers to their home to cast it out from their daughter. They had offered a chicken, a goat and other things to the demon. She would be well for a few days, but the demon would return. Our disciples ministered to her with the Lord’s power and authority, and the Lord did a marvellous work right there. The girl was completely delivered. Neighbours came to see what had happened. The family accepted Jesus Christ as their only Lord and Savior.
  • A woman had suffered from arthritis for a long time. She was not able to walk properly due to pain in her lower back. She had been taken to doctors for treatment, but even after spending a lot money she had no relief. When we saw her limping along in pain we also noticed around her neck various “magic” necklaces given by various sorcerers for which she had paid dearly. At first she did not want to remove the necklaces since they were quite expensive. Briefly we shared with her who we were and who Jesus is. We then asked her to remove all the magic necklaces. With our disciples we ministered to her. Within minutes she began walking and moving about normally; all the pain had disappeared.  She testified that Jesus had healed her. Many people who witnessed it believed, and continued talking about Jesus Christ is.
  • A  young man named Rabi Tandi was suffering from pneumonia. He was in bed feeling weak and distressed. We went to his house and laid hands upon him, ministering to him in Jesus’ name.  After a few minutes he got out of bed and sat with us. We saw him perspiring and experiencing the healing touch of Jesus Christ in his body.

The first week of January 2018 these 12 disciples were sent out to the field on their own to reach out to unreached villages with the gospel. The following week he will have selected his second batch of twelve disciples to be trained in the same way. Every other month this year he will select and train a new batch of 12 disciples, totaling 72 new workers for 2018.