Reports from the ministry of Debi Frey

April 2014

“I have had great success in administering healing for cancer many times over.  

 Dozens have received full healing; although I do know of two who have succumbed to this disease fairly recently … but on both of these accounts, they did not ask me to minister to them; I took it upon myself. God is teaching me something…if I approach them in compassion, I should ask first, as in His example at the Pool of Bethesda, “Do You Want To Be Made Well?”  I do not pray/command if I do not get a response of FAITH from the person now.  

 In fact, just this weekend, I approached a person (a neighbor of my father) who is deaf in one ear, and out of compassion, I asked if I could pray for them and asked “Do you want to be made well?” –their response was NOT one of faith at all — they laughed and said, “I’ve been this way for 30 years!? What?  You think you can heal me?!”  I politely replied that I cannot heal anyone.  But when they decide to believe that Jesus could heal them, let me know!

 I am growing in grace and in the knowledge of Him, Praise God!!!

 The LORD directs me to command like this when someone comes to me seeking healing from JESUS, or specifically ASK for healing after I share my testimony, or who demonstrate that they are FULL OF FAITH for healing when I approach them out of compassion (without being asked)….

 “I command the spirit named “Cancer” to come up and out in Jesus Christ’s Name – Now!  I command EVERY cell in this body to come under the authority of the LORD JESUS CHRIST this instant.   ALL disobedient cells are ordered to come into the obedience of Jesus Christ!  I command full healing and full restoration – this body be QUICKENED and RESTORED in Jesus Christ’s Name!  The STRENGTH of God from Him to your body, your mind, your emotions, come and rejuvenate completely!  This command is given in the authority of the One who has ALL authority in Heaven and on Earth and under the Earth, Jesus Christ, who has authority over ALL SICKNESS, ALL DISEASE and over ALL THE WORK OF THE DEVIL.  Cancer is a work of the devil!!!  BE HEALED, BE RESTORED!  Cancer COME OUT NOW — all of you, in Jesus Christ Name!  UP & OUT, UP & OUT – come now — all CANCER come UP & OUT in Jesus Christ’s Name!”

 Sometimes, I ask them BEFORE I administer healing “what will happen when I pray for you?” –that helps me know where they are in their faith.   I look for even a TINY bit of faith!  For, it’s not the FAITH that heals, it’s the OBJECT of that faith that heals, our KING JESUS!!!!”