Evangelistic Healing Rally with Pastor Nida in Tawau, East Malaysia
October 2007

The Elijah Challenge in Malaysia

Pastor Nida of Shalom Church in Tawau, East Malaysia was trained under The Elijah Challenge in 2005

Pastor Nida (left), Elijah Challenge Intercessor Christina Chong

“Praise the Lord! God is really great!

First night – God moved miraculously so that many were healed and 24 people accepted the Lord Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

2nd night – More new souls accepted the Lord Jesus and many were healed. There was cancer of the breast, people were completely delivered from palsy spirit, cancer of the the lungs, backpain, appendicitis, ovary infection, arthritis, and gastric.

3rd night – During praise and worship a lady deaf for 40 years was completely healed.

Praise the Lord! Revival happened and the whole auditorium was filled with the awesome power of God and everyone of us enjoyed His wonderful presence and a demon-possessed man was healed during worship time.

During worship, in the spirit some saw gold pillars burning.”

Pastor Nida ministers to the Filipino congregation at Shalom Church