“Greetings to you in Jesus’ precious name. It’s pleasure for me to write about a recent Elijah Challenge Training Event we had in a place called Badapada. A few years back this village celebrated its one hundred year jubilee. We arranged for servants of God to gather from surrounding areas.

Badapada Baptist Church

I was a bit hesitant to organise an Elijah Challenge Training there as the Christian leaders in that area were not familiar with the ministry of healing as seen in the gospels.

But thank God we had very good response. After the Training one of the top Baptist leaders Rev. Pani told me that they needed this teaching in their area since never before in his life had he heard such teaching.

In the accompanying photos below you can see the servants of God dressed in white. They are independent Baptist pastors and evangelists. They had only gone to Christian villages and never to Hindu villages. So Rev. Pani has requested me to help him arrange for a bigger district-level Event.

Rev. Pani

“They (the evangelists) had only gone to Christian villages and never to Hindu villages”

The laying on of hands on the infirm (Mark 16:18)

Here are a few selected testimonies:

One of the elders of the church was suffering a lot from pain and hardness in his stomach for three years. We checked his stomach before ministering to him, and his stomach was indeed very hard causing him severe pain at that moment. We ministered to him, and he experienced the Lord’s healing touch. We checked his stomach for the hardness, but it had become soft like a normal stomach. And the pain was gone.

The secretary of the Badapada District, a school teacher, had suffered a lot from diabetes for five years. Because of this he would feel pain and burning in his legs. He was not able to stand for long time. We ministered to him with the trained servants of God. Wonderfully, the pain left his legs instantly. He believed that his blood sugar had returned to normal. He felt complete freedom in his body. See below.

A gentleman named Stephen had suffered from back pain for a long time. He was unable to stand straight. Although he had spent a lot of money on various medications prescribed by many doctors, there was no relief. The Lord healed him right there, and he was able to stand up straight, something he was not able to do for years.


An elder named Salomon had severe shoulder pain. We ministered to him in Jesus’ name, and the pain disappeared with a trace.


We also ministered to some infirm people at a distance as Jesus did for the servant of the centurion in Luke 7. Many raised their hands to indicate that the Lord had healed them.

It was very fruitful for us to train the Lord’s servants. The Lord willing, in the days ahead we will have greater opportunities to teach them. Many of them said that with the Training they will be able to reach the surrounding Hindus. They had never reached out to them before.

Thank you so much for prayer and support for us to train the Lord’s servants.”


Subodh teaching the Baptist leaders

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