Tom Briggs and Salt Ministries hosted and trained with The Elijah Challenge in January 2009

Other reports from Tom Briggs & Salt Ministries

Tom Briggs on February 28, 2009: “Under the Bridge”

Several more healings took place:

1) A man’s headache was easily healed. He took a Bible and two gospel tracts.

2) A man asked to be delivered from seizures which we commanded to leave him. (Time will confirm he was healed.)

3) A man who had been observing us as we ministered asked for prayer for more boldness. We laid hands on him to receive the infilling of the Holy SPirit baptism and fire.

4) Afterwards, he brought his wife to us to be healed from a stiff and painful neck. She was all smiles… as she rotated her head in all directions…pain free!

5) A fellow laborer handing out tracts there was so built up in his faith, he asked me to pray with him regarding his wife who was at home suffering from Lime’s disease. I rebuked the disease and commanded healing into her body…from a distance. (Time will tell she was healed!)

6) Our own sister Cheryl (a real Gospel-tracting “machine”) received miraculous healing for her legs which had been very sensitive and painful when touched or bumped.

There were fewer people than usual who turned out for the free food, etc., so there weren’t a lot of infirm folk there tonight—otherwise I would have a lot more testimonies to write to you. We will go back one more time next week. Some church folk doing their humanitarian work asked us to come back so that they could bring friends to be healed by Jesus’ Name through us.