“We had a very fruitful Feeding Event in the first month of 2018. The Lord was so gracious to add another three hundred and fifty people into His kingdom.

An elderly man named Naresh (below) had had pain in a particular part of his chest for a long time.  He came to the Feeding Event because of the severe pain. He later testified that as he listened to the gospel message he began to feel some relaxation in his body. Then while ministry was taking place for the sick, he experienced the Lord’s healing power. Wonderfully, the Lord touched his chest and he experienced complete healing in his body.  



A woman below named Tambrata had lost her memory for a year. She had been unable to recognise people, and most of the time she felt her head spinning. She had gone to several doctors, but they could not identify her disease. She was living a very miserable life. But our God is compassionate as well as very powerful. Tambrata was healed and testified. Immediately other women came forward to tell me that indeed the doctor had not been able to identify the disease causing her to lose her memory. Praise the Lord, our Lord Jesus had touched her.



A woman named Sita (below) had had a spinal injury for three years. The pain was severe and for the last few months she needed a walking stick to get around. Her doctor advised her to go to the hospital in our state capital for higher-level treatment, but she is a poor widow. She had been taking some locally-prescribed medicine but to no avail. At our Feeding Event she testified that she had been healed by the Lord Jesus. She accepted Him as her personal Saviour.



The woman below named Aruna had had nerve and muscle pain for three months. Almost every year during the winter she would have severe pain. At our Event the pain suddenly disappeared. She felt physically light with some strength returning to her body.




Submitted by The Elijah Challenge Coordinator in Orissa
January 2018