This retired Colonel served with Special Forces for 30 years in the US Army. 

By  The Colonel , Tennessee  – March 2015

“Janell, a relatively new attendee at Full Life Assembly of God in Franklin, Tennessee asked Claudia and me if we could go to the hospital to pray for her aunt who is in ICU in preparation for emergency surgery because internal bleeding that had occurred that evening.  She also has cancer of the liver and lungs.  When we arrived she was already sedated for surgery.  Both Claudia and Janell placed their hands over her liver and we commanded the cancer to go in Jesus’ name and then they placed their hands over her lungs and commanded the cancer in the lungs to go in Jesus’ name.  Then we commanded all infirmities in her body to go and be healed in Jesus’ name. After praying we all witness a change in her face as if she became strong and actually became coherent for a little while after we prayed. They took her in for her surgery and they could not find the internal bleeding after it was previously identified by evidence of the medical staff and there was no bleeding to be found by the surgeon.  We are still waiting on the status of the cancer.  She appears to be strong and recovering very quickly. We made time to minister with some of the family and they are still processing all of this because they were anticipating death.” As of early April 2015, Janell’s aunt is at home gaining her weight back and feeling fine with no symptoms of cancer whatsoever. She is still awaiting an official word from her doctors.