Extraordinary reports from our harvest workers in India

“Praise the Lord for His grace upon our ministry…

I went to the district of Nabarangpur and visited around five of our new house churches in the villages. The Lord is so faithful to do His great works through our Elijah Challenge workers.

Here are a few reports I received from them:

In a village called Dandipani, Guda Oram and his wife had both suffered from chickenpox for about ten days. In that village it was believed that chickenpox was the manifestation of a mother goddess appearing to them through their physical body. After seeing their suffering our three trained workers told them that their suffering was not the work of their god or goddess. They asked for an opportunity to minister to both husband and wife, saying that they would be healed in Jesus’ name. They allowed our workers to minister to them. Instantly the pain left. By nighttime the chickenpox had disappeared from their bodies. They believed on our Lord Jesus and accepted Him. Praise the Lord.

In a village called Sagmore there was a young girl named Riya who was demonized. For a few days she talked nonstop, but after that she stopped talking. If anyone ask her a question, she wouldn’t answer. If someone asked many questions, she would only give a single answer.  Her family tried to make her to talk in whatever way they could, but she wouldn’t open her mouth. They took her to places where spirits would manifest themselves through sorcerers, but there was no change. They even took her to a Muslim priest. At last they came to know about our trained workers. Our workers went there, and rebuked the demon with much authority. The demon manifest itself, shouting that it would not leave. But our workers continued to rebuke the demon authoritatively. The girl collapsed unconscious for few minutes, and when she awoke her senses had returned. The family accepted Christ.


Above: house church
Below: the village


In a village called Jora a woman had suffered from knee pain, unable to sit on the floor. She had seen other people healed through the ministry of our workers in that village, but was reluctant to approach our workers out of fear that her husband would get angry and beat her. But her husband came to know about the miraculous healings taking place, and he told her: “After taking medication for so long you haven’t been able to get rid from pain. Why you don’t call them and ask them to minister healing to you as they have done for others?” Hearing this from her husband she was very excited. The following day she invited our workers over. As they ministered to her for the healing of her knee, she was healed. Both she and her husband came to Christ.

In a village called Dalki a woman named Sukra was suffering from gastric pain. She had received free medications from the hospital, but she stopped taking it when the pain actually increased. When our workers ministered to her, Jesus touched her and she was miraculously healed.

A baby boy named Tapno had suffered from fever, vomiting, and diarrhea for a week. The family was very alarmed as his condition worsened. The government hospital was very far from their village, and it would be difficult for them to carry the boy to the hospital.  But one of our believing families lived in that village. During the night the believing family went and ministered to the baby boy, counseling his parents not to worry since Jesus will heal him. The next morning they called our Elijah Challenge workers. They ministered to the boy in the name of Jesus, and he was completely healed. Praise the Lord now the two families are having fellowship in the Lord Jesus.

In a village called Maledihi, a woman named Supriya Pradhan was suffering from an issue of blood for three months. She had taken locally-prescribed medicine, but it did not help.  Our worker’s wife ministered to her, and the Lord healed her.  

Praise the Lord! All the glory to God for His wonderful works.”

Elijah Challenge Co-worker in India

Man with terminal kidney disease experiences the Lord’s miraculous healing power