By a nameless Elijah Challenge-trained missionary

“Indonesia has more followers of the religion centered in the Middle East than any other country on earth—196 million according to one estimate. Because of the influence of this religion here (hereafter to be referred to as ‘the Religion’ and its adherents as ‘Religionists’), almost all of the training is for the underground church and ‘contextual’ workers. The Gospel continues to be shared through different ministries despite the opposition.

On the island of Sumbawa, I was invited by contextual workers to visit a Religionist village just outside of the city. The Indonesian husband and wife missionary team had been trained by me in The Elijah Challenge in 2011. They took me into a Religionist home.

Home of Religionist family

There were about 20 folks inside the home waiting to meet me. The intent was to minister to a stroke victim who was dying due to his throat closing. He could not eat any solid food and had not eaten for a month. His right arm was paralyzed and walking was very poor. He was actually in fact dying.

Stroke victim sitting at right next to contextual worker wearing shorts

I asked questions to the group about Isa Almasih. They told me that He was the healing Prophet. Also one man said that he thought that Isa could forgive sin. I told these folks that I was a follower of Isa. I told them that in order to prove to them that Isa Almasih could in fact forgive their sins we would ask Him to heal the sick who were here that day. The first challenge was the stroke victim. I laid my hands on his throat, then on his arm and next on his legs.

Ministering healing to the stroke victim in the name of Isa Almasih

His paralyzed hand “blossomed” open as I commanded in Isa’s name

After two or three attempts there was flexibility restored back to his arm, and he was able to walk. The contextual worker began to feed him some solid food. As I observed him through the afternoon his strength seemed to get stronger and stronger as he continued to eat. At the end of our time in the village, this man had eaten a whole plate of food. The first food he ate in a month.

He got stronger and stronger—able to stoop down

He took his first bite of food in a month

Later he finished off an entire plate of food

“The first challenge was the stroke victim…
next there was a ‘grandpa’ who was blind”

Next there was an older ‘grandpa’ who was blind. I placed my thumbs on his eyes and I asked everyone present to stretch their hands towards the ‘grandpa’ and command healing in the name of Isa Almasih. The first attempt brought partial healing as he could only see and count my fingers.

Blind man at left with friend, both WWII veterans who fought the Japanese

After I ministered to him the first time, he was able to count my fingers

So again and with the help of their faith that Isa could heal, I and this Religionist family commanded healing again in Isa’s name. The result was FANTASTIC as his sight was restored! All this done in the name of Isa Almasih (Jesus Christ in the Arabic language).

As I laid my hands on his eyes again at left, the Religionists also had faith that
Isa could restore his sight completely

All totaled there were eight folks miraculously healed in this home. I heard a report back from the contextual worker that over 10 folks in the house wanted to hear more about Isa Almasih. We were invited to stay for lunch and enjoyed a variety of meats and vegetables.”

-Report from August 2014


Dinner served to the servant of Isa Almasih

 (Somewhat) graphic photos below

Dinner followed by a visit to the bathroom

“Squat pot” fully equipped with fowl

Spiritual dessert following dinner

This man had fallen from a banana tree and his ribs were very sore

Free to move with no more pain in his ribs
after ministry in Isa’s name

Interesting side note:
“I was teaching The Elijah Challenge in a church the same evening I was ministering in this home. In my excitement I showed the photos above to the believers at the first session. There were over 60 folks attending. I was very eager to have the believers see what can happen in the name of Isa. But the next evening only about half the folks returned for Session 2. Apparently they were afraid that the Religionists would come and burn down their church because of the miracles that had happened in the village! This is the reality of underground ministry.”