“Praise the Lord for the great things He has done. I am so glad that The Elijah Challenge Training is having so much impact wherever we go and teach it. Recently in Rayagada one of the leaders shared about the Training, “we knew this, but we never actually learned how to do it.” No one had every taught them how to exercise the authority and power the Lord has delegated to them for sharing the gospel with the Hindus.

We pray and believe that not only in Orissa, but across the world these teachings will heavily impact the ministry of the gospel. Let me briefly share with you what we saw in our four recent trips.”


Rip Logan & son Waylon visiting from the United States who sponsored these four trips and Training Events


“We taught in the District of Srikakulam in Kutturu which is in Andhra Pradesh, a neighboring state which borders our state of Orissa.  We thank God that The Elijah Challenge Training has now reached the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Around 60 servants of God from different organisations gathered together with more than 100 participants total. It was a very fruitful Elijah Challenge Training Event. We could see the excitement and positive reactions from the servants of God. As soon as the training was over, a few servants of God came to me and requested that I conduct the Training in their respective places. 

Here are some testimonies:

A Senior Pastor from a Baptist Church had a knee problem. He was not able to sit on the floor or kneel down. We ministered to him along with other servants of God. It was wonderful to witness as he tested it by sitting on the floor and kneeling down with no problem. 

Another delegate had had severe back pain for years. When sitting he experienced severe pain. We and other servants of God laid hands on him and he was healed.


Ministering to servant of God who had severe back pain for years

A brother was not able to walk due to an accident he had seven months earlier, resulting in a fracture in his knee. But as we ministered to him the Lord touched him and healed him. His pain disappeared and he was able to walk properly.

A sister’s right leg had been fractured when she had fallen on the floor a year earlier. Praise the Lord after we ministered to her she was able to walk properly and the pain left completely.

Two other women were also healed. One had pain in the lower part of her stomach. Jesus touched her and she was healed. The other woman was healed from an eye infection.

“The Lord has healed me”

There was a Pentecostal Pastor who was helping me with translation. He has been in the ministry for the last 20 years. He had never ministered to sick and demonized by using authority. He always ministered by praying for the sick and for the demonized. 
But after our Elijah Challenge Training some sick people asked him to pray for them, but this time he did not pray for them. He ministered to the sick at a distance by rebuking the sickness in Jesus’ name. One sick person was healed instantly in this way. The pastor told me that he had never before experienced such a thing. The teaching had really gave him the understanding of authority.”

“We went to a small town name Ramagairi, considered by Hindus an historical place. One hundred and fifty servants of God were trained. Most of them came from very far away, these pastors and leaders having a traditional Baptist background. Since they were very orthodox the Training was completely new for them. They had believed that only through the gift of healing can the sick be healed.


In this context I taught them the difference between the gift of healing on the one hand, and the power and authority delegated to his disciples by the Lord Jesus on the other hand. Many of the Senior Pastors and leaders told me that the teaching was very much needed by them.

For the last ten years one of the women had a breathing problem and sickle disease. She testified she was healed right there as we ministered to her.


For a year a pastor had cataracts and so had difficulty reading his Bible. But he had kept quiet it. Sometimes eyes would tear. But when we ministered to him in Jesus’ name, the cataracts disappeared and he was able to see properly. The Lord had healed him.”




Reports from Subodh Kumar Jena


“Our next Training venue was Daringbadi, known in Orissa as a risky place since two years earlier two Italian tourists had been kidnapped there. But by the grace of Almighty God we stayed there for two days and two nights. Daringbadi is also known as the Kashmir of Orissa. The beautiful atmosphere attracts people. There were thirty to forty servants of God who participated in the training.  The Lord did great things there.

An elderly man was deaf and so could not hear. When we ministered to him in Jesus’ name, he could hear slightly. Again we ministered to him during which the Lord opened his ears and he could hear very clearly. We tested his hearing again and again. Thank God he was totally healed from deafness. Praise the Lord.

Another gentleman had burning in body. He had suffered from it for eight months. His pastor brought him to our Training Event. He did not believe that he would experience the Lord’s healing power. Several pastors had already gone to his house to pray for him but he was not heal. But at the Training Event he experienced the Lord’s mighty healing power in his body.”


“In the town of Rayagada we had a wonderful Elijah Challenge Training Event with many miraculous signs and wonders. Since Rayagada sits on the border between Orissa and Andhra Pradesh, there were many servants of God from the Andhra Pradesh side as well. Thank God for this opportunity to teach and equip the servants of God.

The Lord healed a man who for a long time had suffered from shoulder and joint pain. He had taken much medicine, but was not healed. Miraculously he was touched by God as we ministered to him.

For five years a pastor had suffered from a disease in his arteries. He went to Vishakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh for treatment, but did not get well even after spending a lot of money there. When we laid hands on him and ministered to him he was wonderfully healed. 

A pastor’s wife had a problem with her uterus. She had undergone an operation two months earlier. After two months it was still not dry. We invited some people to come forward to be ministered to, and she also came and stood at the front. After being ministered to she felt some relief. When she went home, she saw that her wound has dried. Her husband called me to tell me that his wife was completely healed. It was wonderful.  

Praise the Lord for this opportunity to train the Lord’s servants in this way. It will help to produce much good fruit for the gospel in their ministries.”