Romania, Eastern Europe
June 2013


65-year-old woman with heart disease feels like a thirty-something after healing at a distance

Condensed YouTube Elijah Challenge Training in Romanian

When I arrived in Bucharest, I was met by my young host Alex Tita. Although Alex grew up as a “Christian” in a “Christian” country, he only came to know Jesus Christ when the Truth was supernaturally revealed to him by the Holy Spirit in a deeply personal way only about a year earlier. I sensed there was a very strong calling on Alex to be a powerful “voice in the wilderness” here in Romania.

The next day I arrived in the historic town of Targu Mures situated more-or-less in central Romania in the state of Transylvania. In the picture below you can see in the left foreground a cathedral which is a replica of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome one-seventh the size of St. Peter’s.

The Orthodox Church dominates in Romania

History has it that Jesus’ disciple Andrew first brought the gospel to Romania nearly 2,000 years ago. It’s interesting to note how the living gospel brought by Andrew two millennia ago has been institutionalized to become the state-sponsored and state-financed Romanian Orthodox Church. 

Just about all those who came to the first session of The Elijah Challenge Training in Targu Mures were from the Orthodox background. A few apparently could not accept what I was sharing from Scripture—Elijah’s bold challenge to the priests of Baal at Mt. Carmel. They were somehow offended and got up and left the meeting.

The Lord’s “dunamis” healing power was manifest

Others were quite interested in the teaching and received it. At the end of the session we did a demonstration of healing, and the Lord was gracious to manifest His healing power (‘dunamis” in Greek) through them. Some of the sisters could even feel the dunamis in their hands as they laid hands on infirmities. (We see this tangible manifestation of healing power in Mark 5 where the woman with the bleeding touched Jesus.)

The Lord was very gracious to enable me to teach here as perhaps never before in terms of power and effectiveness. Near the end of the session on the second night, we did a demonstration of healing as usual. The first person to come forward had had pain in her upper back for two years. Two ladies stepped up and laid their hands on her back, rebuking the pain in Jesus’ name. The pain promptly disappeared.

Then a woman came forward who had suffered hearing loss for quite a few years since middle school. Two sisters came forward to minister to her. Just as Jesus did in Mark 7, they inserted their fingers into her ears. Then they commanded her ears to be opened in Jesus’ name. Her hearing steadily improved, and after the third time of ministry she appeared to be hearing well. The believers rejoiced in the goodness of God. At some point some of the sisters’ eyes began to well up with tears.

Crippled woman begins to walk by herself

Then from way in the back a third woman, perhaps in her fifties, was very slowly helped forward by two family members, one on each side. She was completely unable to walk on her own. She had severe pain in both ankles, perhaps from arthritis. She could not even feel the ground under her feet. And she had no balance, perhaps suffering from vertigo. She was clearly in very bad shape.

This time four sisters stepped forward to lay hands on her. With authority and great faith they rebuked the infirmities and commanded her to be healed as I led them. Then immediately  I took her by her hand and began to walk her around the hall. Her gait had suddenly improved dramatically. As I held her, she got stronger and stronger walking around the room. Finally she was able to walk back to her seat all by herself! The people praised the Lord and gave Him glory for giving such power and authority to unworthy disciples. One sister who had participated in the ministry returned to her seat in tears.

The Romanian disciples, nearly all of Orthodox background, were greatly encouraged to obey the Lord’s commands to proclaim the kingdom of God and to heal the sick.

Jesus shows Himself to be the ONLY way to the Father

On Sunday morning Alex and a few of the others went to a local church. After the service outside the church he ministered healing to some of the infirm Orthodox Christians, and people were healed. He invited some of them to come to our afternoon evangelistic healing service in our hotel.

One couple whom Alex invited, a somewhat elderly man and a woman, did come to our hotel. At the afternoon meeting they heard the gospel from John 14:6 where Jesus declared Himself to be the only way to the Father—not Jesus plus the Orthodox Church or Jesus plus  Mary or Jesus plus the priest. Jesus alone can save us. And in verse 11 He declared that the evidence of this is the miraculous works which He performed—miracles which only God Himself can perform. And verse 12 declares that believers will do those very miraculous works.

During the time of healing after the preaching of the gospel, the elderly woman came forward for healing. She had little strength in her body. The trained sisters ministered to her. As they laid hands on her, she felt something like a fog lift from her body. Within a few minutes she was able to jog around the hall with her strength restored by the Lord.

A man who had a bad back was amazed to be able to bend over, do pushups and leg lifts with no problem. A mentally-challenged man who had been stricken with encephalitis as a child found his thoughts to be much clearer after the men laid hands on him.

These Romanian disciples are trained and ready to go forth

Alex is now ready to lead the disciples in obeying the Lord’s command to heal the sick, proclaim the kingdom of God, and to fulfill the Great Commission in Romania—a country of about twenty million people.

The Lord was gracious to confirm the teaching by various miracles during the Training. Please click on 65-year-old woman with heart disease feels like a thirty-something after healing at a distance for one such testimony.


Personal testimony from Andrea of Youth With a Mission

“I had heard about the healing training from my director Jerry at YWAM but I was unsure what it was all about so I just asked Bill to tell me how it went after the first evening and then when he told me that it was all based on the Bible the teachings I decided to go on the Friday evening and I’m so glad that I did. I really felt in my heart that God had really challenged me to continue to step out in faith and not allow fear or doubt to determine my decisions anymore. I was very encouraged by the teachings and I grew a lot in the knowledge that I received so I’m very grateful for that especially how the Lord is stirring in me to continue to pray for people for healing.

I think what touched me the most was on that Sunday afternoon when God placed such a deep compassion on my heart to see Diana receive her healing of getting her hearing restored. I honestly thought she had already received her healing on Friday so I was surprised when I saw her come up to the front for healing again on Sunday afternoon. Then my heart just went out to her when I saw that she didn’t receive her healing especially when I saw the look on her face of how badly she just wanted to hear. Then it was like God’s compassion just overwhelmed me and I just knew in my heart that the Lord wanted me to share the testimony of how He had used me to minister to Vandana at camp last summer when she received her healing of getting her hearing restored.

I am very thankful that Alex took time to translate for me as I shared my testimony with Diana. Before I shared the testimony I felt in my heart to remind her that it isn’t just the person’s faith who is ministering to the person but also the faith of the person who is receiving the healing too. As I shared the testimony I saw in Diana’s eyes that her faith was increasing and then at the end I was quite surprised when I saw how Alex put his fingers in her ears. Then when he asked her as he walked towards the back of the room if she could hear him, then when she said “yes”, tears just came to my eyes. At that moment Diana looked at me with tears in her eyes too, she gave me a hug and told me “thank you.” I then told her it was not me but it was God and He loves her so very much that He did that for her. I just felt completely blown away and humbled of how God chose to use me that day as I stepped out in faith with the compassion that He gave me to reach out to Diana.”


Testimony of Daniela Saraolu

“This meeting I consider it to be a very important turn in my life.

I serve for some time, and I realized the fast changes. In the first day of the training I was set on fire internally, my hands where burning. In my physical state everything was like the weight of a feather of wind. My soul was pleased by everything that was heard and what was felt.. I believe my eyes where glowing – literally J

In the other side, I know that my road is towards perfection, to be as the Father is, this is my effort, and in this mission I ask for help to the seen and unseen world.

At Targu Mures, the courage and the belief in the works that are to come, that I will do in the future, raised pretty much. I strongly believe that only God’s Will is to be done thru me and with me, thru the recipients of the works that are done thru me. I believe that the most I felt, responsibility… so protect only the Truth in equilibrium and lucidity. The state of total Presence. Many thing where clarified  and so I learned more about the things I was doing before meeting William. The combination of authority with the Gifts of Healings is amazing. (I have not yet mentioned that my mom who had a heart condition is flourishing!) I believed even when I did not had miracles, what to say now? My Gratitude is eternally directed to the Holy Trinity.

So I will not keep this longer, in conclusion, together with responsibility and sincerity towards myself, as all of you and the experience in Tg. Mures, you made possible a better understanding of self…

I pray everyday that each and every one of us to receive everything you need so that the Praise, the Glory and Power of Christ to manifest thru us now and forever. Amen.”