The Elijah Challenge can help fulfill the Great Commission during the short time which remains


At the very beginning of our ministry in 1978, the Lord sent my wife Lucille and me to remote regions of Indonesian Borneo to share the love of our Lord Jesus with villagers who had never heard of Him. Since that time, through The Elijah Challenge, we have continued responding to His call. 

In answering His call, we have preached the gospel and trained the Lord’s disciples in 50 nations on six continents around the world how to heal the sick exactly as Jesus did in the gospels. The miraculous healings are convincing proof of the gospel to people groups who are traditionally resistant to the gospel—especially those in the Third World. The Elijah Challenge currently supports 150 highly-trained gospel workers in India, now the world’s most populous nation.

We now find ourselves facing the urgency of these last days, seeking to answer God’s clarion call. There are over 7,000 people groups (“nations”) in the world which must be reached with the gospel—as Jesus commanded in Matthew 24:14. 

The time before our Lord’s return is short, yet the task remaining is huge. The remaining 7,000-plus unreached people groups are predominantly Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist, and animist groups all of which are steeped in witchcraft and extreme spiritual darkness. As such they are extremely resistant to the gospel as traditionally preached, that is, when accompanied only with social and humanitarian good works, like feeding the poor.

The scriptures are clear on how to reach those in spiritual darkness. Jesus healed the sick as irrefutable evidence that He is the Messiah and the only Lord and Savior. Today missionaries and gospel workers are being trained by The Elijah Challenge to do the same! In India, Hindus—who are very resistant to the gospel—are turning to Jesus in large numbers after witnessing the miraculous healings that their Hindu gods cannot do. 

The Elijah Challenge earnestly desires to train and send an army of workers to reach the 7,000+ unreached people groups in the world — bringing approximately one billion souls to Jesus — before the end comes.  The cost of supporting one worker’s family for one month is seventy-five dollars.

We humbly ask for your financial support to help in fulfilling the Great Commission in the limited time remaining. Our initial nine years of missionary adventures in Borneo are shared in our autobiography Dancing on the Edge of the Earth. We would be delighted to share a hard copy with you…just email us at [email protected]. (A film producer is now in the process of producing a TV Series based on it.)

We invite you to visit our website for much more information.