Jaimie Alonso
January 2013

Jaimie Alonso Reports

The healing demonstration times were met graciously by the Lord. Many backs healed, a foot and a man that was a stroke victim whose peripheral vision was restored from about 30% to 95% normal. There is talk about another church hosting the Training. 

Last night I did a youth service. Fewer than 20 kids came out. I shared the Gospel geared to Christian kids and then did a mini teaching/workshop. Only 2 girls came for healing. The first gal I ministered to was healed. She had some long time back pain that had been operated on. She was 14 years old. I had her apply the teaching to the next girl. This next girl was older and had both back and legs pains. It was really a cute time as the 14 year old sort of squeaked out her command for healing as she laid her hands on the back. The results were that both legs and back pain were gone! The girl ministering was somewhat emotional, I think from both being healed and then seeing God move through her. She went back to her seat, cuddled up with a friend and wept. Sometimes, for me, I do really get the impact that the healings have on folks. Seeing this young teen wept really spoke to the reality of what the Lord did.

At the end of the service an older fellow came to me. My pastor wanted me to meet him. It turns out he has Mono Neuritis Multi Plex syndrome. This is similar to Lou Gehrig’s disease except it is not life threatening. The doctors do not know what to do and among other things are treating him with Chemo. His arms were limp with almost no strength to lift themselves and his legs almost the same. He could walk. After ministering one time to this man he had almost all strength come back to both arms and legs. We continued to minister and each time he got stronger. As time went by and we talked he could feel strength and flexibility return. Flexibility was almost back to normal and he was very excited as he could return to work. It seems he was in a desperate way financially and was thinking that he may have to sell his house to feed the family and pay the bills.