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Sister Mercy Konda

My name is Mercy and I was born and brought up in a devout Muslim family in a place called Napuk at Sibsagar District in the state of Assam (North East India). My father was a schoolteacher and a strict follower of Islam. We were raised under the strict rules and orders of Islamic traditions and culture. We placed the name Mohammed above everything and considered him larger than life. Even as a kid I was a devout Muslim who followed everything that the Islamic religion taught me and I was a strong believer of Mohammed. I wanted to dedicate my entire life to him. I did everything to please and honor him.


I hated Christians my whole life and picked arguments and debates with Christian leaders. I would raise the debate on the topic Muhammad vs. Jesus. I would mock them for believing in Jesus. I would also mock them by saying that your Savior Jesus Christ died naked on the cross, but Muhammad is alive. I would also challenge them if you say your Jesus is alive then give me his contact number I will talk to Him. This is how I mocked all the Christians and all the followers of Jesus Christ. As the years went by I had fallen in love with a Hindu man and got married to him in Islamic tradition. Even after my marriage with a Hindu man I never stopped reading my Quran and did my Namaz very religiously (Islamic 5X daily prayer).

However one day in the year 2009 I became very sick and my whole body became very weak. I was diagnosed by the Doctor with a very low blood count. I also had jaundice, typhoid, a liver infection as well as a tumor in my stomach. I was suffering from multiple illnesses and the doctor himself was confused which disease to treat first. But he told my husband that the tumor in my stomach could burst at any moment! There was not much time left as he was asked to take me home to look after me. This made me realize that my days were nearly over and I was very close to death.

“I also had jaundice, typhoid, a liver infection as well as a tumor in my stomach…the doctor himself was confused which disease to treat first…”

My husband and I had spent all our money and everything we owned to treat my sicknesses and diseases. We had traveled to many temples, masjids and many different places to seek healing, however everything failed. It seemed there was no hope for me, and day by day my health condition took a turn from bad to worse. Finally I became completely bedridden for a year. I could hardly do anything on my own and even breathing became very difficult for me. I was feeling very alone at that point of my life.

Somewhere in the corner of my heart I thought I was suffering and going through all this pain because of my sins and pondering if it was a punishment from God. In order to find inner strength and peace I would call on Muhammad and pray asking him to come near me because I wanted to see him and to talk to him as I prayed each night. I used to think that Mohammad would come to me, but he never appeared to me. I lost all my hope in him and the 19 years of my faith in Muhammad broke down.

Every day I lay dying in my bed, it was like as if I was just counting my days before death took me. There was no hope and no assurance from anyone as I laid there in my sick bed just waiting for my death. Even my own family got tired of taking care of me. Every time I tried to eat something they prepared for me I would vomit it out. My whole system was down and I could not eat even a morsel of food. My husband would come home drunk, and seeing me inside the room lying on my sick bed for days, weeks, months he would ask me “Are you still alive?” He would then go on saying….“I thought you would be dead by now.”  He knew nobody would want to come near me because I was stinking and dirty.

Then one day one of my husband’s friends came to our house, and knowing that I was sick and bedridden he invited us to a Christian gathering. He assured us that I would be healed through prayer. My husband who himself is from a Hindu background was not very happy with the invitation. However, he told his friend to ask me if I am at all interested in attending the program. His friend came up to me and told me to attend this Christian event, and that I would be healed in Jesus’ name.

But just at the sound of hearing Jesus’ name I got mad at him. I told him that I was not interested in this Christian meeting, and there is only one god for me and he is allah……besides allah there is no other god for me. However, after I declined the invitation, within 15 minutes I got the feeling I was about to die. So I decided why not go and see what’s happening there at the meeting and see if I can be healed like he said. Just at that moment my husband’s friend asked me one more time if I wanted to go and attend the event. I agreed to go and was assisted to the meeting as I could not walk by myself. My husband would not accompany us as he did not believe in the name of Jesus.

A mighty man of God by the name A.D. Venger was the main speaker. This was the first time in my life I heard the true word of God. However even though I was attending the service I was feeling guilty in my heart for attending a Christian meeting. Since I was Muslim, even though I could hear the preacher speaking the good news of Jesus, deep inside my heart I prayed to Muhammad and asked him to forgive me for coming to this service—for gathering together with this group from satan and for being at satan’s meeting.

After a little while I heard the preacher calling all the sick people to receive healing, and many people walked down to receive their healing. I began to say to myself that even if I have to die now I will not say “yes” to Jesus. I would never take His name to my lips. But then right at that moment a miracle took place. I saw it with my own eyes and heard a dumb girl begin to speak. It just took my breath away…! I was perplexed that something like this could even happen.

Suddenly I heard myself saying, “Jesus, if you are alive then heal me right now.” Then the next minute I was down on the ground. I felt something was happening in my body which I could not describe or put into words. My whole body was electrified and the saliva from my mouth was coming out without any control. I heard someone calling me from the stage. They said, “Jesus is touching you! You are free today from all your sickness and diseases and all the pain!”

The preacher then began to declare that I will be used for the Kingdom of God & that God will use me in Muslim communities. Then I was filled with the Holy Spirit in a way I cannot describe. After about half an hour when I “woke up” I saw the preacher standing close to me praying over me. My body was healed and there was no doubt about it! I went forward to the stage and I proclaimed from the stage that “Jesus is alive!” After the meeting I went home walking a distance of one kilometer all by myself—after being bedridden for a year.

When my husband saw me walking back home from the meeting, he said, “now you can walk by yourself…?” He accused me of pretending and faking my illness lying down sick in bed for the past year. I told him I had been very sick and Jesus Christ had healed me completely. When I entered our home I washed and cleaned myself. I cleaned my room sweeping and mopping, and also did some cooking. That was amazing after my illness. On that very same night as I was about to sleep I heard a sound, and I saw two hands—and they were coming towards me. Then a voice called me, “Daughter”…!?

It made me feel so happy deep inside my heart because all these days when I was sick and dying I never heard someone calling me “daughter” with such a loving voice. I asked the voice, “who are you…?” The voice replied, “my daughter if you want to know me, follow my hand.” In my mind I followed the voice. I felt my soul being lifted from my body. But I could still see my physical body lying on the bed.

I kept following the voice and I went up into the sky. I reached a Golden House and from there the sound disappeared. Then I saw an angel. He escorted me by my hand and took me inside the Golden House. As I entered the House every part of it, even the ground, was made out of gold. The beauty of the House was beyond description. I saw two thrones and I saw two men sitting on them. One person was very old and his hair and beard were all white. I saw stars coming out from his mouth which filled the air. The old man asked me if I knew him, and I said, “no, I don’t know you.”

Then he said to me, “I am Abraham….. the father of every nation and you and I are of the same family. (Mercy as a Muslim was from the “tribe of Ishmael” who like Isaac was also a son of Abraham…Muslims acknowledge Abraham as their father through Ishmael.) We will call men and women on the earth to come to heaven, and we will declare that “Jesus is alive.“ 

He then gave me verses from Acts 3:22-26.

Moses said, The Lord God will raise you up as a prophet from your brethren as he raised me up. You shall listen to him in whatever he tells you. 23 And it shall be that every soul that does not listen to that prophet shall be destroyed from the people. 24 And all the prophets who have spoken from Samuel and those who came afterwards also proclaimed these days. 25 You are the sons of the prophets and of the covenant which God gave to your fathers, saying to Abraham, And in your prosperity shall all the families of the earth be blessed. 26 God, having raised up his servant sent him to you first to bless you in turning every one of you from your wickedness.

I asked Father Abraham, “what shall I do here, and what is my role here?” He then asked me, “Do you know the man sitting next to me?”

I looked up at the person sitting beside him, and I saw a very handsome man whose face was very bright. However, I could not dare to look at his eyes because they were so very bright. He was full of Light. I could hardly open my eyes in front of him even to glance at Him. He said to me, “look up.” As I looked up I saw a video on a big television set. The video was of myself. I watched my own life starting from when I was young. In the video all my actions were recorded, especially the sins I had committed throughout my life. Everything was recorded in detailed manner, with specific places, dates and times.

After watching the video, I realized that I was a wicked sinner. Following after Islam with all my strength with full dedication for over 20 years had done nothing for me. That moment I realized that I was the most sinful and unclean person on earth. There is no more sinful person alive than me. At that moment when I realized how unclean I was and all the sins I had committed, I began to cry and weep bitterly.

As I was weeping, that man (who was Jesus) came closer to me and said, “my daughter, don’t cry…look up and watch the video.” As I looked up again, I saw a pastor who is known to me and with whom I used to debate and argue, mocking him for being a Christian pastor and for believing and trusting in Jesus. Then the man (Jesus), whom I could not even glance at because of the light and glory around him, came close to me. He said to me, “the real God for whom you were seeking is me. The Koran is wrong—I am not “Isa” the prophet, I am God. I am Jesus, I am alive and I am with you. The very place where you stand now is Heaven. You were about to die. However, you will not die; I give you Life. I forgive all your sins and you will live for Me from this day onwards. Earlier you used to say that Jesus is dead, but now you will proclaim I am alive. You will go to many places throughout the nations and declare to every people, every religion; you will tell them about Me and that JESUS IS ALIVE.”

I asked Him, “how is this possible?” I said that I could not do it as I am not strong and I am very scared. Then Jesus told me, “Don’t be afraid. I will go with you wherever you go. Now return to the world and tell all my people on the earth what you saw here and what you have experienced here. From today on your name will be called Mercy because I have given you a new life! I gave you love and have shown you mercy and you will do the same for others on the earth.”

(This is how I changed my name from my Muslim name Mohsina to Mercy. But for many months I ignored this name that Jesus had given me. However when I took water baptism in Andhra Pradesh, the pastor uttered “Mercy” when he baptized me in the water. Then I realized it was the name given to me by Jesus. I started to cry and weep. From then on I changed my name to Mercy officially.)

Then an angel appeared before me and took hold of my hand and led me out of the Golden House. Before I stepped out of the Golden House Jesus covered me with a shawl and said to me, “I am giving you new life, live for Me.” When I came out of that Golden House I saw a group of people praying, dressed in white. However, in the group there was a man who was wearing a grey colored cloth. This man called me and told me that I was their guest, and asked me to draw closer towards them to join him. He gave me bread and a glass of juice. When I ate the bread it just melted in my mouth. Never in my life have I tasted such a wonderful thing. The man told me that his name is Elijah and he also told me that he would come to the world again soon, before the End, to tell all the people on earth to live for Jesus.

Then on one side of where I was standing I saw old man and a women in pain. I told the angel standing beside me that I wanted to go to join them and help them. The angel replied to me, “you will be with this kind of people when you go back to earth, and you will help them.” Just then I saw a fireball hit the wall, and it reflected in golden letters Jeremiah 33:3 which says, “Call to me and I will answer you and will tell you great and hidden things which you have not known.” The fireball came a second time and hit me, touching my mouth. Then I felt a fire burn inside me. All of a sudden I started praying in different tongues. This was when my spirit returned to my body on earth. I also sensed myself praying in a language which I did not know and have never heard before. I tried to stop myself, but it would not stop and it continued on and on.

After hearing me praying loudly, all my family members woke up. My family members thought that I have gone insane and some evil spirit had entered my body. They called Hindu “pandits” and (Muslim) Imams to cast the evil spirit out of me and to stop the weird language I was speaking. However, everything failed. Then right in the middle of the night at 2:30 AM, my praying stopped. Suddenly I felt severe stomach pain, so severe that I thought I would die right there. I could feel two hands rolling inside my stomach. I tried to go to the toilet to relieve myself. There all my tumors came out.

Then I heard the voice again calling me, “my daughter.” It said to me, “from today you are healed completely.” From that particular day I stopped all the medications which the doctors had prescribed for me. Jesus had healed me completely. And that is the only reason I am alive today. I have been set free from all my sickness and diseases in Jesus’ Name.

Ever since the fireball came inside me I started praying in the Holy Spirit. I prayed with new tongues every day. My praying became a distraction to my parents, and they started harassing me physically. They literally beat me up. The beating went on every day because I would not stop praying even when they tortured me. And my family tortured and harassed me for 90 days. On the 90th day I prayed to Jesus, saying, “Jesus, you have promised me that you will go with me wherever I go and to every place, but look at me now. I am getting physically tortured and harassed here, and I am about to die.” Then the voice came to me right into my ear very clearly and told me, “My daughter, leave this place, your family and the town, and remember you are not supposed to take anything from here.”

So early in the morning I left my family and my home and the town where I lived. I had no idea where I was heading because I don’t know many people. Those few people whom I knew as believers when I approached them for help many of them did not accept me or help me, because they were afraid that the Muslim community would come and attack them. They also feared that those Muslims would lodge a complaint against them to the police if they extended any help to me. I was rejected by almost all the people I approached for help since they feared that the Muslim community would attack them. I did not get any help from anyone.

I had no place to go, so I headed to the railway station and stayed there for three days. There at the railway platform I met a sister who took me to a prayer center where I came in touch with many other believers. Among the group in the prayer center one lady came up to me and told me that I needed to fast for 21 days. She said to me “when you complete 21 days of fasting, Jesus will come to you“.

I was very happy to hear this word from her. On the other hand, however, I had no idea what I was doing and I was finding it hard to even believe what was happening to me. In the prayer center they provided me a room where I was able to stay and pray. I was excited to meet Jesus according to the word given to me by the sister in the prayer center. However on the other hand I was feeling sad because I had left my husband and my entire family and my 2 little daughters. It broke my heart to be away from them. I was in the middle of nowhere not knowing what to do about the whole situation. However, I made up my mind that I would follow Jesus so I stuck to it.

As I began to pray and fast, on the 15th day of the fast Jesus appeared to me at midnight. He came into my room as I was asleep. I woke up and saw a very bright shining light, and I could feel somebody standing beside my bed. I tried to open my eyes, but could not because the entire room was so bright and full of Light. The voice came to me and told me, “You have another two eyes to open, inside your heart, open them.“ This made me realize that I had to open my spiritual eyes to see Jesus.

Then I saw Jesus standing close to me. He covered me with a shawl. I saw blood in the palm of His hands where they had been pierced. I took His hand and I tried to rub the Blood away with the scarf that he had given me. I asked Jesus what had happened to His hands. He answered me, “You are not wiping away the blood in my hand but you are taking on the pain, burden, and responsibility which I have. You will wipe away the tears of my people here on earth. You will also help keep people from going to hell. Many broken families will be also healed through you.” Jesus also told me, “My daughter, pray for your husband.” I told Jesus immediately, “No, Jesus, I cannot pray for him. I do not want to live with him anymore because he tortured me and beat me nearly to death.”

Then Jesus told me, “One day you will be a preacher, you will go to many places preaching the gospel. Then you will need a husband to protect you and to care for you and to stand by you. People will also look at you with a cruel eye. I don’t want that to happen to you. You need a husband to stand by you for your protection. I will change your husband, he will be a changed man and I will bring him back to you.” This was the word spoken to me by the Lord Jesus. At that very moment my husband was drinking and was enjoying his life with his friends. He was totally drunk. A voice spoke to him and told him “Tarun, what are you doing here? Go home, your wife is praying for you.” After that, on the 21st day of my fast Jesus told me, “today at 6 AM your husband will be right in front of you.” I was not sure that it would really happen because it was impossible for me to imagine it. No one had known where I had been for so many days. I had no contact with any of my family members.

However I prayed and continued my prayer just then it was almost 6:00 A.M and the pastor came into my room and told me that there was someone who wants to meet you. I went out of my room just to see who was there to see me and there he was….my husband right in front of me…and it was 6:00 AM sharp! We joined our hearts together with the other believers, and we all prayed for my husband. That morning that very hour my husband accepted Jesus as his personal Savior. As we all prayed over him the Holy Spirit came upon him with great power. And then he told me that he wanted to be baptized in water. This was the very first time I realized and understood that there is power in prayer in Jesus’ name.

For 20 years I had prayed to Mohammed. However, I have never felt the presence of God. Now I prayed for 100 days, praying in the Name of Jesus, and I got answers. The most beautiful thing is I can feel in His Presence the presence of the Living God. And the same feeling is always there in my heart till today. I can feel His precious presence every day in my life. After all these experiences in our lives, my husband and I started attending churches. Many churches we visited and attended. Then after that we decided to go back to our home town and return to our family.

And so after we reached home, within few hours all our relatives came to our home and they started questioning us, “why are you taking the name of Jesus..?” They gave us one condition—either we take the name of Jesus and leave our home, or stay quietly at home with no mention of Jesus at home. My husband confessed in front of everyone that he cannot live without Jesus anymore. And from there all our relatives gathered and started abusing and harassing us physically.


My husband and I begged our family members to allow us to stay for the night but they would not allow us. They gave us one more chance to make our decision either not to take the name of Jesus and stay at home with them, or take the name of Jesus and leave the place. However at that time my husband answered them, “for the last 24 years I have poured water over the stone and worshiped it, but this (stone) god never told me even once not to get drunk and not to fight. However, when I prayed in the name of Jesus I found peace within myself and now I realized that am a sinner.” After hearing all this they literally chased us out from the house with no other option.

That same night we left everything behind us. We walked out of the house with nothing in our hands. There was no one who could help us. One pastor came forward to us and he told us that we should leave the place as soon as possible because there could be a lot of religious issues in the area among the Hindus, the Muslims, and the Christians. Some believers came forward and prayed for us and helped us. Yet we were feeling so sad over what had happened in our family. We were at peace only with the thought that Jesus is with us.

That night we had nowhere to go and we headed towards the railway station. That was the only option for us. We had no money and not even one extra pair of clothes. We only had Jesus before us and Jesus’ name in our hearts. Every single day I would walk up to every person whom I met in the railway platform and ask them, “Do you know Jesus”? I would tell them the miracle that had happened in my life and the things which Jesus told me to tell people on earth. Many people thought that I was insane, but a few listened to me and what I had to say.

This is how my husband and I spent 3 months on the railway platform with one pair of clothes and no money. We also understood how it feels when one is hungry and in need, and how it feels to live a life on a railway platform with no home. (Nevertheless we never stopped praying.)

From there I started praying for the people who are hungry who have no homes and who are less fortunate.  We asked for mercy upon all these people in need. At that moment my husband and I were among them. No home, no food, no clothes, and no family to support us. We were so much in need that we became orphans.

Once when I was praying the voice came to me again and told me, “My daughter, I am allowing this suffering in your life and having you go through all this because one day you will gather orphans and those who are in need and are less fortunate, and you will provide for them food, shelter, clothes and give them love. So never lose your Hope in Me. This is my promise to you.”

After receiving this assurance from Jesus that night, my husband and I decided to earn daily wages around the area. At night we took rest in the railway platform. At that time we came across a pastor who gave me his name card and asked me to give him a call after two days. So I called him with the number he gave me, and he asked me if I wanted to attend a Bible college? I could not give him any answer at that time whether I would want to attend Bible College because I had absolutely no idea what it was like, and besides we had so many limitations with no basic provisions. My husband and I discussed it, and I decided to attend the Bible College. Now the big problem was we had no money on hand. By faith and through a miracle, with the little money we could earn and save from our daily wages, I entered the Bible College and bought my first Holy Bible. I received my basic Bible studies and Training at this Bible College.

After completion of my Bible studies we decided to move back to our home town of Chabua village in Dibrugarh, Assam (India). We rented a small house and we started our family again. We lived with Jesus as our only Hope. For six months we prayed and stayed in our small rented house. Many people started coming to our house seeking prayer. They brought the sick, deaf, dumb, and even people with evil spirits. Every day we were seeing people get healed in Jesus’ name. Demons were cast out in Jesus’ name and many people were receiving deliverance. We were also seeing many teenagers who were hungry for God’s word and going deeper in God. And we were encouraging them and counseling them to go to Bible College. Even “cultural Christians” along with backsliding and lukewarm believers were coming back to Jesus.


This has not been easy or without struggle. Satan viciously counterattacked; he hates seeing the light of the gospel and the name of our Lord Jesus proclaimed in India! In the month of April 2015 we were facing so many family problems. I am a mother of two children and I was heavily burdened. I even came to a point where I told Jesus that I cannot go on like this anymore. Even with all that he had done for me and the assignment I was given from Father Abraham, I was so worn down. I told Jesus I was giving up. You can kill me because there is no reason for me to live a life like this, and I am overburdened with my family problems. I was absolutely down, crying in pain with nobody with whom I could share my problems. I was complaining to God day and night and asking Him to take away my life because I didn’t want to live my life any longer. Even my own family looked down on me.

Then when I thought I could bear it no more, God reinforced me in a mighty way. God is good and faithful! One afternoon Sister Anungla (“Ange”, my English translator) called me and gave me a word from Brother Marcus Samuel and Rip Logan from the USA. These two men of God were burdened by the Holy Spirit to release a prophetic word about us and asked intercessors to pray over my life and family and ministry during a live broadcast during the Pine Ridge Warrior Radio program from South Dakota, USA. As I received the prophetic word from Brother Marcus, once again I heard the voice of God and I got back my energy and strength to pray. After receiving the word from them I surrendered my life once again to Jesus, giving Him praise for the prophetic declaration over my loved ones and me and the ministry vision. As I was kneeling down in prayer and in thanksgiving, I saw the glory of God descending from heaven in my room. There was a bright cloud and light in my room and I could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit so strongly.

The voice of God came to me very clearly once again and said to me: “You are not here to cry, but you are here to make satan cry. Whatever you heard Brother Marcus say today, that was my voice. I will also bring people whom I have chosen into your life and your ministry.” This word from God and these brothers praying for us sparked new life into our vision to minister.

Marcus Samuel

Marcus Samuel

Today we have started a ministry called “AGAPE PRAYER MINISTRY”. Of course we still have a long way to go since we are starting from scratch. God put a burden in my heart to open an orphanage and a Railway Platform (Station) Ministry for children who are unfortunate castaways and do not have a home. Also our vision is to open a prayer home because there are many people who come to us for prayer and healing. There are people who want to stay and pray with us but we do not have a room where we can put them up. Also there are many church leaders who want to come and spend time in prayer and fasting, but since there are no extra rooms in our home we are unable to initiate all these things. We need a lot of financial support to establish this and to make things happen. Right now we do not have much in hand, but we are faithfully trusting our Lord to help us to accomplish the vision and mission for His Kingdom. Brother Marcus prophesied in his word that we will receive the backing of brothers and sisters worldwide to accomplish the vision of ministry to which we have been called. We are trusting the Lord for this.

“We have started a ministry called AGAPE PRAYER MINISTRY”

There are people who still say negative things about us. Many with strong religious traditions (unscriptural manmade traditions or walking in lukewarm apathy—Rev 3:14) fear a radical personal encounter with the one true and Living God. We ignore this criticism and continue on in our work. We know that Jesus is our Rock and our refuge and we know for sure that God will never forsake us for he is a faithful God. My husband and me along with our two little children have dedicated our entire lives to Jesus and His Kingdom. We have started Agape Prayer Ministry, and we are in the process of piecing together our orphanage in Northeast India.

mercy & family

Mercy & Tarun & their boys

We are also networking with The Elijah Challenge Coordinator in the state of Orissa to further the gospel with healing and deliverance events to win Muslims, Hindus, and even backsliding Christians for Jesus. With the help of American Elijah Challenge Coordinator Joseph White, Brother Rip, and our translator Sister Ange, we are building a website and Facebook page so that our friends and partners worldwide can receive updates and read praise reports, as well as intercede in prayer for us and even send love offerings to support this Mercy mission of the Gospel of the Kingdom to the lost and wayward in South Asia.  

Every care was taken with this translation to ensure its accuracy. This testimony was translated from Hindi to Indian English dialect, then into western English, then edited one final time. Hindi is often difficult to translate properly into Western English. Extreme care was taken to ensure that everything Mercy wanted in this translation was included and it is accurate. Grammar was corrected and phrases edited so that English-speaking evangelical believers in the west could be edified. The intent of this testimony remained true throughout the translation, which took nearly two months to put together from Mercy’s original notes. Thank you, Sister Ange (Anungla Longkumer) for your diligence in completing this translation. Only in eternity will you know how far this will reach and how many souls were and will be touched by your effort.

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