By Paula Wayne
March 2015

Tracey works in the Special Needs Infant and Toddlers System in a Christian school.  Her youngest daughter’s teacher was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Early this morning she had a dream about the teacher.  In the dream she was rebuking and commanding.  She said she didn’t hear the alarm go off again after she pushed the snooze button.  The dream went on and on.  Of course, she was late getting the kids to school.  When she saw the teachers at school, she told them the dream was more important than the kids being on time.

Her daughter’s teacher who had cancer told her that her feet hurt so badly that she could barely walk.  She then said that she hurt so badly this morning that she was going to stay home, but she said in the Name of Jesus she took each step and came to work.  Tracey told them why she was late by revealing the dream to them.  She then began to rebuke the pain and infirmity and command her to be healed in the name of Jesus Christ right there in the classroom. In Jesus’ name she commanded the teacher to stomp her feet.  Another teacher also said, “keep on stomping.”  Then Tracey had to leave for her next appointment since she teaches in the homes, not in the classroom. She left the teacher stomping! She told her to stomp all day long, because she was healed in the Name of Jesus. She was on fire. Tracey is so quiet and mild-mannered, but this morning she was a lioness in the Lord.