Good afternoon! On April 19, 2016 I went to my weekly Bible study. We were having a bad rain here in my town of East Bernard.

As I waited for the other ladies I realized they were probably not coming. I prayed for one individual, and she drives up! Kay is her name. I told her about our Elijah Challenge Training on Saturday and I said I’ll use you as an example: Kay’s eye always tears. I put my fingers on her tearing eye and said, “eyes stop tearing in Jesus name.”

But Kay’s eye kept tearing. I said it a second time. The third time I asked her what were her symptoms. She said allergies and high blood pressure. Then I said, “in the name of Jesus you are healed—eyes healed, blood pressure healed, allergies healed!”

Then Kay said she felt peace. I told her that at the end of the meeting I would do it again. I wanted 100 percent! I noticed that during the meeting she wasn’t touching her eyes all the time as she usually did! I was thanking Jesus under my breath! At the end of the meeting Kay said, “thank you, my eyes are healed!”

I said, “thank Jesus!!” I felt like crying, and yes, I felt His presence!!

Blessing and much love,