April 2008

The Elijah Challenge in Malaysia

Debra Wetha of Promised Land Enterprise publishes and sells books for The Elijah Challenge in Malaysia, and often has opportunities to sit in on the Training.

“I praise and thank the Lord for God for giving me the opportunity to follow you and learn the teaching in the Training. Every one else gets only a one-time opportunity to learn but I always have an opportunity to attend the Training whenever you are here. I think God really wants me to learn thoroughly so that I can use it for my ministry. Many times on the road I met people who were infirm. I used what I learned from you and the healing took place. Once I met a Catholic man who had a stroke because of high blood pressure. His wife and he were involved in selling Christian literature in their church, so they would call me for some gospels of John to sell in their church. One day when I went to their house the man was in bed. When I asked his wife about him, she told me that he was sick and was having a stroke. I asked permission to pray over him and she said okay. So I prayed to God as you did and then I took authority over the sickness, rebuking it in Jesus’ name. After that I went home. After a few days I went back and found the man was on the chair. He told me that after I ministered to him, he was healed. And he started to be open for the gospel so that whenever I visited him he would tell me to minister to other people who were sick.

This is only one testimony but I often see the wonders of God. My son Joel was having cold and flu for the past one year, every night he start to sneeze, have a runny nose and cough. I ministered to him in the same way and he was healed. Praise God.”