Pastor Billy Burton, at the time Senior Associate Pastor of 
the Encourager Church, Houston
Pastor Billy shown surrounded by crowds seeking the touch of Jesus

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I would encourage both Pastors and lay persons to take advantage of any opportunity to go on a trip like this. As a Pastor I had opportunity to experience God in a new way and I think our entire team did as well. It is very challanging to be in the midst of such need and see the faith of people reach out to God for a miracle that would change their lives forever. It was great to see the miracle healings but to see the the number of salvations that we saw was awesome. I saw people with deafness healed, eye problems healed and have had reports of diabetes healed as confirmed by a doctor.

I was blessed to see these miracles, but the greatest blessing (regarding healing) was to see the girl with polio take off her brace and walk.

I would personally promote anyone going on future mission trips because of the “spiritual growth” that will take place as well as the lives that will be touched and changed. I would also say to people that traveling with this leadeship is also safe. To go on a trip this size requires a lot of coordination and ongoing effort especially when you get in country. Brent Knapton did a tremendous job in both areas. I felt a strong sense of “covering” and I believe the entire team did.