Posting seen on Facebook

“Hi—you mentioned the Elijah Challenge. I love that ministry and we were trained by William and Lucy at our church. I love the Way of the Master for the way it effectively avoids false conversions and uses the law to bring conviction first before bringing the cure to the problem of sin which is repentance. The Elijah Challenge trains Christians to ask non-Christians who aren’t sure if they would make a promise to surrender to Jesus Christ if they were to experience or see a miracle. Then he asks people with illnesses or injuries to come forward, and the trainees pray and command the illness to leave in the Name of Jesus. Not everyone is fully healed usually, but almost always a good number of the people are. But, he asks people to be honest and not try to help God out with this by thinking they’re healed when they’re not. That is, he wants them to make sure. Furthermore, he asks them to go to the doctor to make sure. After everyone has been prayed for, he asks those who made their promises if they agreed that miracles had taken place, and if so, would they honor their promise and repent from their sin and receive Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Anyway, his approach is very solid, Biblical, calm, humble, professional, and not weird, and you come away feeling blessed and changed and challenged and excited rather than slimy and swindled or intellectually insulted. It’s really a healthy and amazing ministry.”

-Daniel D.


Encouragement from Australia

“Greetings from Adelaide. Just wish to say THANKS for the material you have made available to all on the internet. Have been a Christian for over 30 yrs but not come across solid stuff like this. We love it and believe it will make us effective.”

Peter O.


Medical Doctor Ministers Healing-at-a-Distance after Seminar

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! And God bless you!!! …I can’t express how blessed I was, not only with the teaching, but more importantly, revelation! The Lord is good! He and I have been in discussion this week because what you don’t know is that I am a physician. I went back to the office Monday, “dizzy.” I have one foot in the spiritual realm and one foot in the physical. I trust God knows what he is doing and am following.

Here is a testimony….one of our sisters in Christ called me Wednesday. I was in the car on my way to my second workplace. She related that she had severely swollen glands and pain in her neck and wanted to be seen the next day, Thursday. There was no fever, no sore throat. I was driving at the time, and on the phone. A little voice said to pray “on” her, but I said I can’t..I am driving. So we made the appointment. I felt badly afterward and acknowledged to the Lord I let go of an opportunity. I promised I would pray on her when she came, but asked that I could command [speak forth] her healing even then….while she was at work and I at my work place. So I did [just that] but she of course was clueless [and did not know what I had done]. I commanded the spirit of infirmity and swollen glands to leave Linda, and fullness of health return.

Linda came to the office last night as scheduled. As a doctor would do, I asked her where her problem was and she said, “It is gone!” She said she almost cancelled because she felt so good and there were no swollen glands. Then I told her what I did the day before. We both praised God! And, as promised, I did lay hands on her last night commanding that in the name of Jesus the spirit of infirmity never return! How awesome is our God! Amen!

As for my profession….I have been trained as an internist/family practice physician (over 20 years in practice)…Thanks, again. I do so look forward to working in this ministry and pray an abundance of grace on you as you continue to go forward in the Great Commission!”

Dr. Leslie G., M. D., New Jersey


Spiritual Revival

“Thank you so much for the wonderful teaching. I have sat under several teachings in the past 14 years; however, this was the best teaching I have received on The Great Commission and using the authority which Jesus has given us to heal the sick…”

“Thank you very much for coming to First Baptist Katy and sharing God’s word with us on healing. Prior to your visit I had a jaded view of ‘healing,’ I guess brought on by negative publicity surrounding so-called ‘faith healers.’ I am now clear on the Scriptural basis of healing and have new-found insight, understanding, and appreciation for the authority and power available to me as a believer. I have pointed several believers here at work to your website for further information. It was a very good day, well spent.”

From Cherry Hill Baptist Church, New Jersey: “We realized the incessant deafness and blindness of God’s people. We started wrestling for ideas of how to reach them. We felt led to come alongside Pastor, who also had been feeling this frustration for 25 years. We continued to pray for God to reveal Himself to us. Then your Signs and Wonders Seminar came to us, and we attended, a bit hesitantly at first, yet open to the Lord. By God’s grace, we both saw what the Lord has revealed to you as an awesome blessing, as well as an answer to our prayers! Praise His Holy Name! Our LORD GOD brought this new and powerful information to us for a reason, and He will use it for His purposes as He wills.”

Believer Starts Prayer/Healing Outreach in Public Place

God graciously opened a door for Christian outreach in front of Family Christian Stores in the Kroger Center on Mason Road. I arrive by 9:00 AM and stay until 4 or 5 PM. The time goes quickly. There is a tremendous hunger for kindness and non-hurried time for quiet visits. The people openly confide their loneliness and ask for prayer for family members.

There’s been an increase in the number of prayer requests in the 3 weeks I’ve been at this location. Two people have returned to give testimony to what the Lord has done for them since we started praying on Aug. 18th! The visitors come from all walks of life. They are hungry for a word from God and for someone to lead them in the right direction. They WANT to know what the Lord said about They are the sheep, and they are looking for a shepherd! Some of these people do not know that Jesus loves them. Surely these people in front of this store are not unique in their needs. That means there is a need for more people who would be willing to allow themselves to look foolish for Jesus. To sit out somewhere and just be available. Some believers have businesses. Perhaps an area of their space could be used for similar outreach. The work is not hard, but is needed. You can really experience Isaiah 61:1. Just sit down, be available, and let Jesus send them to you.

A Houston Believer: “I know my testimony is forever changed”

I attended the June 15 Conference in Houston and want to thank you for the powerful teaching and demonstration of the Healing Power of Jesus. I know my testimony is forever changed.

On June 18 several of us went out on a door-to-door evangelism outing in an Hispanic apartment complex. The definition of our intent has changed since your conference no longer are we just fishing for men to bring into the kingdom – we know are assured that Jesus wants to show himself strong by healing in this very apartment complex where we have seen many souls come to Christ in the last several weeks. We expected an influx of souls after some signs and wonders are displayed.

On June 19 we had a worship and prayer service at the church. After a wonderful service a sister in Christ Brenda Powell, who also attended your healing Conference, came up to me and said a woman wanted prayer for healing. The afflicted lady said she had been in an automobile accident some time ago giving her a back injury. I asked to tell me what she could not do. She demonstrated was immobile, stiff and straight. She said pain was constant. I asked her if she know about the covenant Christ made with us and if she believed that Christ paid for our sins – AND our infirmities. She said she had faith. I told her, “Well we won’t need to pray a lot about this – I don’t know about you but I hate paying for something twice – He paid for it”. We prayed a short prayer based on Hebrews 2:14-15. Brenda and I laid hands on her back. I boldly and directly commanded the pain and affliction to go. I felt heat and light. She immediately began to weep and sob and say “IT’S GOING AWAY!!!” She bent over at the waist – something she absolutely could not do just minutes before.

We all thanked Jesus, and went on our ways rejoicing. Thank you, William, for the teaching, and “Making a Way” for the Lord.